May 31, 2011@11:49 PM

I finished my english ages ago.... why am I still on the computer? X_X

I really should go to bed. I'm sleep deprived. I've got panda eyes. damn.

yah bye.

17 DAYS TILL NINO BB'S BIRTHDAY^^ yerhyerhyerh~

May 30, 2011@9:03 PM

LOL I changed the song again. I'm in love with this song right now omg. It's just so cute :x damn tumblr for having a 500mb size limit :(

Today was supposed to be athletics carnival, but noooo it has to pour == We had to go to school like normal, but an up-side was we got our maths test back and I was quite happy with my mark :)

It was really cold and wet today when I got home my gran made me some hot apple crumble^^ I was so yummy and warm~

Ah I really should start doing my homework and shit...

I have to: write a 2 page english essay on a book I'm only half way through by wednesday; print out my glossary; finish the experiment for my srp and start writing the report.....

...AND I know I've forgotten something. Just not sure what. net's dying. I've been downloading too much Arashi no Shukudai-kun episodes D: It's too hard not to download it when you've finally gotten accepted into the community and they let you donwload their stuff on livejournal @_@

anyway, I should go... and put things on my ipod ;D

Oh and one more thing, today we were talking about the font and size and spacing we had to have for the essay. After the lessons, we decided to learn wingdings ;D IM GONNA LEARN HOW TO WRITE IN WINGDINGS THIS HOLIDAY!!! :D

May 28, 2011@9:28 PM
lol this is damn epic. Anti just got owned.

(via hsjmagic@tumblr)

Arashi is massive and one of a legend in j-pop world! not just top idol in Japan but their album sales
basically the highest in Asia and ranked in top 10 worldwide. Based on
the popularity, kpop idols are nobody compare to them. They are crazy crazy popular even after 11 years debut. Any kpop idols who received their attention is fuckin’ lucky. Seems like girls (SNSD and KARA) did quite well there :)
ANTI-FAN: >Based on the popularity, kpop idols are nobody compare to them.

Hahaha… Are you kidding?


ARASHI FAN: Umm, yes they ARE my dear ^^ To the point that Kpop idols respect them. Btw, Japan doesn’t promote them. And they don’t have official youtube channels. It’s more like, THERE ARE NO SONGS for arashi in Youtube. Because Japan dlts them. Yet they are big and they sell millions. They’ve beaten TVXQ’s fanclub with their million+ members in their Only-Japanese fanclub. Their sales JUST for 2010 was 17 BILLION and half. In case you didn’t know, they ALMOST knocked Lady Gaga down with their sales in last year’s “Global Yearly Album Chart”! Arashi are not just a music group. Arashi are hosts. They are OFFICIALLY hosts. They have like..9 shows? Sho is a NEWSCASTER. Matsumoto is like.. a legend in Asia? Ninomiya is known for his acting as he gained great attention in Hollywood in 2006.. Aiba has an animal show with Shimura Ken. Ohno opened his own art exhibition and gained great attention. Arashi’s fans age range is from kids to ELDERS. In cons, it’s normal to see a grandpa lifting his grandson standing next to you.
Arashi met with MANY famous American stars and when they met Cameron Diaz, she was like “Who doesn’t know of you?!” (Angelina Jolie got their 2009 album and said “My son’s gonna love that! 8D” LOL)

Arashi are loved for their 15 years old friendship bonds (Arashi is 11 yrs old). They’ve never had a fight. They have great chemistry. I used to be an Anti-Arashi but now I love them alot and I realized that I was blind.. I realized (after being in many jpop+kpop fandoms) that Arashi are different. I don’t like them for their music, because Arashi helped me realize that music isn’t everything in a group. When it comes to dancing/singing, Arashi are not the best in Asia, not the best in Japan and not even the best in JE (their agency) Arashi themselves say “we’re not good” (From “Time” Concert) and yet they sell BIG. And they don’t think big of themselves despite being this strong. It’s natural to love a group who wear stockings on their heads and smile brightly.LOL They are loved for their natural selves.

LOL and someone replied with this. love her sarcasm ;D

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Yeah, girls let’s accept it. Arashi Sucks. See? They’re so ugly that age doesn’t even show on their cute faces! They’re so bad in dancing that their choreography are all bad-ass-slash-sexy-slash-hot all the time. They are so untalented. Oh my gosh, one paints, one acted in hollywood, one graduated in a prestigous uni, one invented a moving concert stage and the other was the very first to host a pet show in the whole of JE. God, really. So untalented that they can act, sing, dance, write songs, and do almost everything. They suck so much that their smile warms every fangirls’ heart and lifts each of our spirits. They are so unworthy of our time. Right? I’ll never be a fangirl of such dorks who always cares for their fans and are always willing to look stupid in front of the crowd during cons just to cheer everyone watching them. Really. WHY DID JE EVEN LET THEM DEBUT?! Let’s all fangirl about KPOP who fanboys/girls over Arashi on the other hand.

@7:54 PM
We were doing Trig today and I felt so dumb because I was so confused....

After coaching, I went shopping with gran. I bought chocolate and two tights^^ They're kinda too long for me though. I wanna grow taller T_T

We have an essay due on Wednesday and I haven't started @_@ fuck and I haven't even finished reading the book.

fuck i'm screwed.

why am I still just sitting here watching dramas. damn.

May 27, 2011@11:36 PM
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I'm so tired right now. But I need to wait for my VS arashi and Arashi no Shukudai-kun to download =w= my net's not gonna be able to take the amount of downloading I've been doing lately...

I'm still coughing after a whole week. It's so annoying D:

Anyway, the other day, I got rejected by Maccas. I'm never gonna get a job. Even Maccas, who hires anyone, doesn't want to hire me. I'm gonna turn into a jobless hobo :'(

I came back from piano lesson today and when I went into 7eleven to have a look at the magazines. But when I was about to pick one up to read the cover, the wire thing holding the books to the shelf kinda broke off. A few magazines dropped to the floor. I bet it would've been better if I just put them back straight away. But no, my brain wasn't working and I turned around to look at the sales person. Then came the awkward moment when I tried to put the magazines back on the shelf. Then I didn't know what to do, so the first thing that I came up with was....pretend someone called me and walk away.

Sad story of my life.

May 22, 2011@10:53 AM
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LOL I'm like a day late...but meh I was sleepy kay. I've been too busy watching arashi videos. me gusta.

I went coaching like normal yesterday, and one of my friends didn't come because she went on Friday. Our teacher was really pissed at us today. Like so-pissed-i-won't-stop-for-you-to-copy-notes-and-i'll-give-you-an-early-mark-cos-i-don't-want-to-see-you-anymore pissed O_O I was really freaky actually.....

We didn't know what to do afterwards because CYC was full of people. They had a dance event thing on that day. So we ended up just stuffing our face with food. We went to city hunter afterwards because my friend wanted to see her friends. But before we got there she was like,

"wtf why are those two guys following us"

and me being the blind one was like "WHERE WHERE WHERE WHERE"

It was quite creepy actually, according to her, they have been following us for a while since we started sitting down to eat. But they stayed at city hunter, so it was good. :)

I should really start reading, because I need to finish reading one and a half books before thursday. I'M GONNA DIEEEEEEE. kthxbai

May 20, 2011@10:41 PM
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I've decided. I ceeebs photoshop a photo for my diary cover (if I'm bothered to actually cover it) I'm gonna use this photo^^ it's arashi HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE okay.

I swear my throat's like dieing :( I can't stop coughing when it gets itchy. But when I cough, it hurts. This is annoying.

But oh wells, it's friday so I'm in an okay mood.

On a not so okay note, my bread has started moulding AT THE SAME TIME. My experiment = failed. Therefore I'll have to bullshit my report. Definitely not taking science next year now.

And I realised that money just hates me. I got rejected by Mcdonalds. MCDONALDS BRUH. THEY ACCEPT ANYONE. But no, no one wants to give me a job. Your loss Mcdonalds. your loss. Gonna apply for kfc again then ==

May 19, 2011@9:23 PM
I'm still sick and my throat feels chat D:

I shouldn't have procrastinated after dinner. asdlkjf. I still haven't finished reading Hitch hiker's guide to the gay galaxy :( the words are so tiny....

But I should sleep now. cos my brain told me to (A)

now for a random arashi gif of when they took sticker photos on their show, Himitsu no Arashi-chan I found to make me feel better. 8)

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May 17, 2011@10:23 PM
(via nishikiddo@tumblr)

I had quite a lot of test lately, so that means I'm sleep deprived. I think that's why I'm on the verge of being sick. My throat is dieing from the amount I've been coughing. Gonna take a nap tomorrow when I get home D:

My iPhone earphones died the other day :(
Now I unconsciously reach for the non-existent volume and mic button on the cord to realise. damn this is a shitty old sony one....

I have a maths test tomorrow....I actually did the past papers this time and so far I don't think I'm gonna fail :/ I hope they don't ask anything about consumer crap and significant figure crap. I suck at those.....

I'm nearly done on the template of my graphics site....but....there's this big blank space under my affies and links.... don't know how to get rid of it == oh well...I shall open the site sometime after all my assessments are over o-o

fuck school, I really wanna go to hogwarts

May 11, 2011@10:23 PM
aiba-chan~ Y U SO PRETTY :O

There was a really creepy asian pedo guy on the station the other day....

Me and my friend were just about to get on the train when the wind was blowing from under us (the gap between the train and the platform) and we flashed == We were like SHIIIITT and then looked around to see if anyone saw and at that moment, there was the creepy asian pedo guy walking past. He was looking straight at us....AND SMILING D: the pedo smile

that just creeped me out ==

I hope I don't see him ever again O_O

Anyway, we got our commerce test back today and I did...not that bad, and not that good either so average I guess :)

I have geography test tomorrow, so I was just being a good girl and typing up notes (A) loljks just copying what was on the sheet LOLOLOLOL

May 10, 2011@10:21 PM

I finally finished a batch of icons alkjfhlkajshdf I should be doing my work :/ But looking through the images just made me go -fan mode on homework mode off-


Now I'm just waiting for the part I hate the most....uploading it == TAKES SO LONG. But I'll wait. Since it's arashi 8D

I really need to start studying for geography tomorrow, so I shall try to not procrastinate o-o
if i can....

May 8, 2011@8:04 PM
Niji by Ninomiya Kazunari solo (Arashi)

again, I would like to say, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ♥

Nothing much happened today :/ After chinese school I was gonna go straight home because it was getting kinda cold, but while I was waiting for my grandma to finish her little asian to asian see lai talk with my friend's mom, I made my friend watch Arashi videos with me XD OMG SHE SAID THE SONGS I SHOWED HER WERE PRETTY (the one above) ○´∀`○ I ended staying there for quite a long time and on the way home, I realised my leg had 3 new mozzy bites. so itchy. ==

I'm going to the library to study tomorrow. I have 3 tests this week and I am most probably gonna fail. aishh.

I want a new lay D: but I need to wait till all my tests are over for inspiration to come. ´・△・`

and I need to make icons :(

@12:08 AM
(made with Truth PV by Arashi)

It's technically sunday right now cos it's after 12 already but meh oh wells...

happy mothers day gaise~

Today I went shopping with nancy and her two friends for a mothers day present. She ended up forgetting about it and then we went to eat and after eating, we ran out of time so we bought it after. Our teacher, which was a sub literally finished the lesson in like 45 minutes O_O and he said we could leave if we wanted to :OOOOOO So we left and got a 45 minute early mark...shifty.

My friend bought a 100 bucks necklace and some chocolate for her mum...I wish I was that rich @_@

Anyway, it's my first time making gifs :3 took me ages to figure out how lol. I shall be trying to make more but OMG why doesn't it show up as a gif on my dash D: tumblr's being mean :(

May 7, 2011@1:05 AM
(edited by me. base image from kazenohaka@lj)

Hmm when my tests and assessments are all over, I'll start making j-pop icons again yerhyerhyerh 8)

It is just past 1am right now so HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY GAIZ!

My day my day my day. Hmm it was quite normal actually. Next week is gonna be hectic and horrible. I'll probably get no sleep next week =_= oh fuck my life ==

One and a half more weeks D: I have to endure these horrible one a half week of tests and crap.

My friend's going mother's day shopping today and she asked if I wanted to come along so I was like "meh why not? (:"

so yea, I want to finish practising piano FIRST then go...that means waking up :/ and therefore I should sleep now. oyasumi~

May 4, 2011@9:55 PM
(taken by moi)

I love my nike hightops (H) bought from 'Catalog' Hong Kong

I had my commerce test today. It was actually not as bad as I thought. Although I have no general knowledge whatsoever lol...didn't even know who Barry O'Farrel was at first == damn. me stupid.

But I reckon I got over 80% :$

Next week is the geo, history and science test + prac report + exposition week. OMFG D: Then there's the SRP to do ==" Oh well I don't think I could be bothered to repeat the experiment a gazillion times - I'll just have to make the results up 8)

After all these tests and shit are over, I'm definitely going to Kinokuniya to buy myself a Johnny magazine ^^ I heard they even have photobooks OMAGHAAAD~~ ARASHI WAIT FOR ME TO BUY YOU 8D

Oooh! I downloaded this thing called Keyhole TV where you can live stream japanese channels. Although the quality isn't that good, I'll be waiting to watch VS arashi tomorrow on Fuji TV^^ I hope it works :/

May 2, 2011@9:50 PM

First day of school was boring and stressful x_x I can't believe I already have so much exams coming up. First test is commerce....gonna fail this time ._.

I just finished my PE assignment thing. It took me ages finding interesting facts about the stupid drugs. I hate pe. =="

On the up-ish side, tomorrow's Tuesday and that's early day^^ But on the down side, I have to study for commerce tomorrow. damn I haven't done any notes yet :/

Anyway, this is just a short post for today because I'm sleepy =__=

Ooh and I changed my song to: Hatenai Sora by Arashi (果てない空 - 嵐)

May 1, 2011@9:44 PM

I arrived back to Sydney today. School starts tomorrow fucknoooooooo :OOO The holidays were fun.

Whenever I found an internet connection in China, I've been watching Himitsu no Arashi-chan (秘密の嵐ちゃん) which is one of the shows the Jpop group 'Arashi' hosts. The more I watched, the more obsessed I got @_@ I'm in crazy fan girl mode right now .... But they are just so natural and funny.

I guess the highlight of this holiday was watching GANTZ in Hong Kong.
Gantz is a sci-fi movie about this room people went to when they died where a black sphere called Gantz sent them on missions to kill aliens and if they succeeded they are given points. But these aliens aren't a joke and many died in the movie. When they reach 100 points, they get the choice of either: having their memory of Gantz erased and given another life and sent back to Earth; or reviving a player who has died and bringing him/her back into Gantz.

After the movie, they played a little scene and the trailer of the next part. After watching it, I was literally dieing to watch the next one because it was so good.

Anyhoo, I really recommend this movie but if you do decide to watch it, DO NOT watch it with english dub because it sounds shit and Japanese dub is way better.

Im so screwed for tomorrow's commerce lesson =="