February 27, 2011@9:58 PM
I had chinese school today and my friend bought me a birthday cake as a present ^^ It was so nice :O I feel like such a pig now D:

Yesterday, after north shore, we walked around chats a bit. After walking around for already 1 hour, I went to buy sushi cos I just suddenly craved it haha. Afterwards, we went to Gloria Jeans but because I already spent 24 bucks on nexon cards and 10 bucks on Lorraine's present PLUS the sushi, so I had like 4.50 left LOL My friend was like, "hey, we're both getting Tim-Tam chiller. Get one with us~" I was like "dude got no money =="" So my friend shouted me 30 cents LOLOLOLOL
yea, I'm awesome like that :') I was so sweet and took me ages to finish ._.

I'm gonna enter this giveaway because I'm an asian LOLOLOL FREE STUFF so yeah gonna post it here xD

February 23, 2011@9:41 PM
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I handed my resume in to Priceline today, I hope they employ me O_O

It was okay, until he asked if I had work experience. I was like 'no' and an awkward silence followed. But NO I believe I will get the job. I hope I do...T_T

I took a nap today. My eyes were just so tired. I was dieing in commerce~ But yeah, I should sleep now...so sleepy. This post looks stupid. Not thinking properly right now. asldkfjhalskfdjhsldfkh =="

Oh I just got my mom to sign my vaccination form. MY VACCINATION FORM. VACCINATION D: shit I'm gonna die =="

February 20, 2011@12:58 PM

February 19, 2011@10:15 AM
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I haven't blogged in a while. HAI :3

I've been on dollars bbs lately. Dollars BBS is a site which is made like a copy of the original chat room that was shown in Durarara! For people who has watched it, yes, it looks the same and yes, it is quite awesome. To those who haven't watched it, WATCH IT COS IT'S GOOD~
The link to the site is http://dollars-bbs.org/ and the password (yes, there is a password, just like the site) is the name of (this) anime minus the exclamation mark. I just feel like I shouldn't just give out the password.

You do not need to signup for this site. In the chatroom, all you have to do is type in a name, or alias you want and choose an icon. The name I decided to go with was センナ, but they just call me Senna. Hope to see you there~

Anyway, it is finally weekend, and my eyes are dying from lack of sleep =___= so I slept kinda early-ish. I've been drama and anime-ing again. Currently watching bloody monday (drama) kimi ni todoke season 2 (anime) and uta no onii-san (drama) UTA NO ONII-SAN HAS MY DARLING OHNO SATOSHI RIIDA-CHAN IN IT *fangirls* He's so dorky cute 8D

I don't know how many hundred times I've said t, but yes, I shall work on icons now :L JYANE~

February 14, 2011@9:19 PM
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Happy Valentines/single awareness/forever alone day. Yep. Forever alone. always. :')

My head started hurting again today. I SWEAR THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY HEAD. My friend said it was cancer. no. not gonna die yet :L

So I took another nap. Gosh I'm becoming so asian, taking afternoon naps so often 8)

Oh yea! yesterday! So yesterday evening at 6 I went to watch Alls Well Ends Well. It was pretty funny :D Before the movie I was waiting for my friend to finish going to the toilet so I was playing on those machines where you have to stack those blocks on top of each other and if you reach major prize you get something good. As you go up, it goes from 3 blocks to 1 and the speed increases. I kinda failed. BUT. After the movie I was waiting, again, and this time I went all the way to the top but just on the last one, I missed it. I MISSED IT D: I was one stupid block away from winning a camera :'( curse you machine. Gonna go play it again D:

So, I'm supposed to do homework right now. Hmm..nah stuff it. Gonna go sleep. BAI GUYZ and hope you have/had an awesome day today!

February 12, 2011@12:19 AM
(the place we had out carnival. We sat right up the top)

Today, we had our swimming carnival and I actually brought my coaching homework because I thought I'd do it when people in my group were competing. But guess what? my group is so lazy and physically challenged that none of us went to swim. But after a few questions, I ended watching a bit of white chicks and played monopoly deal.

It was hot like usual today :( But we found a nice shady area. BUT I STILL FREAKING GOT A TAN LINE WHERE MY SINGLET STRAP WAS D: cheh. stupid sun.

I had chicken nuggets today. And a whole lot of other food that my group brought. I ate like those cartoons - my hand never stopped grabbing food from the whole mass of food on our picnic mat LOLOL.

My friend brought my souveneirs today!! I got my SHINee calender, ARASHI keyring, ARASHI badge and ARASHI pencil case. yes, I LOVE ARASHI! I put the keyring and badge on my bag. My bag is getting so crowded with stuff haha. Now, I have a black bow clip from my hubby Crystal, this asian lucky charm turtle, this skeleton bear thing, this glutinous ball keyring I got from erica the other day and of course my ARASHI stuff ^^

I'm watching this funny Jap drama called 'Tumbling' but there's this part that's kinda sweet and sad and I'm just like, "ngaww" *sniff* *tear* right now. It's so sweet :O
I'm gonna go watch it now. byebye

February 9, 2011@9:48 PM

So, today was pretty good. Piano teacher postponed my lesson to friday just when I really didn't feel like going to piano FUCKYEAH and....actually that just made my day 8D

I have the jap trip meeting tomorrow so after school I'm gonna go eat Pho with gran. I LOVE PHO. I FREAKING LOVE PHO. YOU GET ME D: I HEART PHO ALOT. LOL

Meh I can't be bothered to blog now, gotta sleep. goodnight childrens ;) don't let boogeyman get you ;D

February 8, 2011@10:06 PM
STRAIGHT FRINGE! lol yep. My eyes looks freaky o-o and yes they are pyjamas ;)

Had a headache today. CURSE YOU ;A;
After science period 3, my head just started throbbing. At recess, I went to take panadol, BUT IT DIDN'T HELP TAT But yea, by the time PE ended, my head was a bit better. But when I got home, it hurt again, so after going out shopping, I took a super awesome nap and after I finish blogging, I shall go sleep 8)

I HAPPY. I bought two pairs of shorts today ^^ I didn't have any ripped ones, so gran found this shop which had alot of pretty ripped shorts so I bought two 8D Shall wear one of them to swimming carnival on Friday~

Working on a lay right now, but I've done the navs and everything but now I'm just looking at it thinking, GOSH i really can't be bothered to do the posts section aishh :')

So yea, in my goal to grow taller, I shall sleep now. Goodnight lovelies k3

February 5, 2011@10:58 PM
(cold ontama bukkake, chicken tempura and tuna onigiri)

Tis Saturday today. Which means the first week of year 10 is over :D

I went city with nancy today :) We went to paddy's and I bought 2 iPhone cases and a protective screen thing for 10 bucks two earrings from diva for 5 bucks and a dollar fifty fan lol. But I left it somewhere T.T

At the station, we were waiting for our train which was coming in 8 minutes. Today's max temperature is 42 degrees so we were melting ==" So we went inside the lifts and stayed there haha. People were looking at us ._.

After shopping and looking around at morning glory shops, we went to eat at this place called mappen, which is a DELICIOUS udon store. It's really traditional jap style :O and I ordered cold udon because of the weather AND IT WAS SO GOOD!!!

Anyway, I keep saying I'll start on the icons, but aishh I cbb ._. and sleepy.

February 3, 2011@8:55 PM
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Today is the lunar new year and I has recieved red pockets!! $_$ Got 150 in total. *is happy*

Today was hot and humid, which meant hot and wet and sticky ==" fml. Why does Australia have to be so hot. I was so happy that the train had air-con or I would've died of the stupid heat. I was just sending new year texts to all the asians that I'm okay close to, when it 'sending failed'. So I resent it. Then I went into a tunnel which killed my connection again. In the end, some people complained that I sent the same text to them 3 times. I'm sorry lah :(

I'm actually trying to do my maths homework right now, like a good girl (A). So, I'll leave now. This is distracting ._.


February 1, 2011@10:00 PM

We went to burwood to have a picnic today :L Our group has 11 people but when it last-minute changed it from darling harbour to burwood. I thought about 6 people (including me) would go, so I got my gran to make me 6 tofu bags to bring. Guess what? 7 people went in total. But I bought another little box of little sushi rolls so it was good :D

Today was boiling! We found a shady-ish spot under a tree next to a little pond and sat there to eat. After eating we played a few games a fed a few ducks and took a few photos until we just couldn't take the heat, so we decided to go into Westfield, where there is AIR-CON~~

We walked around for a long time. A few of my friends bought something but I didn't want to buy anything yet, because after that, I went market city to buy a new iPhone case. BUT NO, Paddy's market was closed and all the nice looking ones in market city are either for iPhone 4 or over $15 T.T which is expensive for broke little me.

Crystal had her galaxy world cards so we went crazy in Galaxy world. It was the first time I saw someone with so much mony on their galaxy world card $_$ gamer :L

First day of school today. Oh kill me now!

I have the same maths teacher. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- yea, that's how much I hate her. And I have maths tomorrow ==" I HATE HER HATE HER HATE HER HATE HER HATE HER HATE HER HATE HER. okay. yep.

Well, a few of the teachers were cool and i still have some classes with my brother, denise :) missed you darling

We have senior uniform this year :D Finally ditched the tunics! Although it's a skirt, it's so thick there's not much difference. And mine is so frikkin long. Need to grow taller 8D

I was really tired today when I got home so I was lying on the sofa and I fell asleep ;D Woke up at like 6 and realised I needed to practise piano T.T I didn't have homework so I went and covered 4 of my books. Maths book failed. BADLY ._.

Anyway I'm gonna go take a cold shower and sleep now. Bye darlings.