December 21, 2009@6:14 PM
in taiwan righte now ^w^ waiting to go to hot springs

YATTA i found a computer at the hotel ><

this hotel is AWESOMEE; they hav hot springs and if this computer had card reader i could upload fotos but sadly it doesnt; it's lyk in the middle of nowhere ._. but yea...

i'm going on a ship thingy later so i won't write much today...unless i can get the computer again *evil laugh* but yea it's FREEZING here in TW ): but i lyk; so many 'leng zais' ;DD

AHHH need to pee; and gtg so maybe; I SAID MAYBE; i'll write more about the hot springs n stuff but it's not definite :P

December 18, 2009@10:51 AM
WAHAHA going to HK today; denise doesn't get to go; MUAHAHA

havent blogged for a while; cbb anymore; it's annoying >.> trying to make a new template for christmas, but haven't even started; I HAVE 1 AND HALF HOURS TO MAKE ONE; prolly gna be crappy :P


went around chats doing nothing much; took sticker fotos with eunice and karina; i was trying to look for a kebab store, but i couldnt find one, so i bought subway; but then i was trying to be healthy so i got the wholegrain was awful; didnt finish it ==" but then eunice told me that there was a kebab store, i just passed it D:

it was my bro's BD so i bought him a card from K-mart; it still feels so awkward with his gf around coz she's just so nice =.= his kitten is so cute and clean *^^* he said that he got it from a vet who got it from a friend who had a cat who had 10 kittens; O_O  

gran went yumchaing with her someone, so i had nothing to do; so i went to watch new moon with karina; IT WAS GOOD CRYSTAL >< but not enough excitment ._. then her mum took us to eat jap food^^ yumyumyum; 

so bored that day; starting watching pokemon again =="

had to go to school coz we had to do KK; and nancy was going to ice-skating ); i wanted to go... but anyway esther thought turtle was her KK so that went according to planned ^&^ turtle was my KK so she gav me a teddy bear (so cute) and spongebob Tshirt and a music book thingy; thank you lar~

didnt do much on thursday o.O i dont even remember what i did...


and note to crystal: watch shorts; so funny ;DD

December 11, 2009@6:22 PM
it was the last day of school today; kinda; coz i still hav Wednesday to go to...

speech day presentation thingo was so tsumaranai *-* denise and i finally gave up and started playing with our phones and ipod under the booklet they handed out ;DD after the school hymn; i was so gup liu and had to go biu liu /hehe; i was getting so bored of hearing ppl speak >_______<"

went to hursty afterwards; erica needed to go change; the dentist place tv was showing news; lau churng ( the runner ) was on it; can't believe crystal and stuff dnt know who he is; gum chuut meng dou m sek *sigh*;

took some sticker photos at morning glory; first time lar~ i failed at editing ==" gna try agen on monday with eunice and karina (:

we went to toy r us to play hide and seek; how lame, i know; then we went to target to play hide and seek; i found a funny picture ;)

lol; 69 dollars 

Then we just walked around a music store and after that went home; ohemgee i'm so tired; gran made me take a shower before going out to eat and she's gna make me take another shower when i get back from dinner; *sigh* 3 showers on 1 day; i feel so clean

December 7, 2009@9:10 PM
Duffy that stupid peking duck can go die in a hole ><

Made us watch that boring video; why so enthusiastic, man; it's not that interesting ==" and just when i was trying to finish my jap diary, she goes "girls, i know that you're not taking notes so pens down"... oh god! how ghey can she get @_@

stupid AMEB grade songs are ghey; espesh group B - they're all at least 12 pages long >< I DONT WANT TO MEMORIZE 12 PAGES; sheesh

can't wait till friday; school's so boring and it's the last week; i cant even be bothered to concentrate anymore; i nearly fell asleep in history coz it was so BORING...

came across this really funny video; you should watch it^^

still trying to finish off my jap; stupid diary; why couldnt she make it due on thursday ._.

December 5, 2009@12:07 AM
it was summer music fest tonite; so tired and sleepy; but it was epikly FUN

was so sleepy this morning coz i couldnt sleep properly last nite; too excited x.x after school we went to erica's house; saw erica and esther on the way, so we waited for crys and turtle; 10 minutes passed -o- we decided to got to Maccas to wait and turtle's mum got us frozen coke; i felt 唔好意si; we played cherry drop; turtle kept on going *HEEHEEHEE* then we got pizza which = YUM; when we got back to get our easyway; we were literally RUNNING and SCREAMING for it when we saw that shannon was holdling it; i got grape milk tea with rainbow jelly; i saw turtle's one and thought it was mine coz it was purple ;DD

it went really well in my opinion and it was funny when we started singing 'for he's a jolly good fellow' and he was so surprised; he face was like "WTF, this isnt tchaikovsky =="

flossy going to GZ; lucky bum :P

December 2, 2009@9:43 PM
ughh...i failed; i asian failed; i EPIK failed; i got a C for grade 7 piano );

stupid foster grant; ruined my all A's record ==" Jane prolly did something to upset him so he's trying to mark us ALL DOWN