July 8, 2012@5:49 PM
I can't believe one week has already passed ._. I have done nothing....well a little. 3 lines. fuck.

I really need to read Emma, and write notes, and wake up earlier, and sleep earlier, and catch up to dramas, and catch up to variety shows, and and and and omg @_@

Why can I never get anything done :'( WAEEEEEEEE

and my mind is so dead right now. All that's going through my mind right now is how screwed I am for school. Plus smash is coming up and I don't think I'm gonna be getting anything done after Friday.

aishh. it's so depressing to think that this is practically the last holiday that we are still year 11 :'(

July 7, 2012@1:21 PM

(gorilla's cake :3)

We had a LOL (League of Legends) party on Thursday AHAHAHA well not really a party but meh :/
I was gonna get to our friend's house at 10 but NOOOOOO Shittyrail said no ._. and so I was caught in a stupid half an hour delay =="

When we actually started playing I realised how slow my actual laptop (and my net kinda) was because I actually thought 10 FPS was normal....until I saw the other's laptops reach 60 FPS orz Right now I just finished defragmenting my harddrive so I'm testing lol again :/ When I was about 5% defragged last night, I finally reached 30 FPS at one point. Man it was like paradise.....but then I dropped back to 7 FPS later afterwards :/

okay.. it's started....Well it started off at 1 FPS lol then it went to 3 FPS, but now it's at 35 FPS FUCKKKYEAAAAAHHHH but it's like going up and down :/ oh well it's so much more nicer than the usual stopmotion pro :')

and I was trying other champions like gorilla told me and lol I take back what I said about veigar being useless :L Viegar's like a squishier ranged version of Nasus :L imma learn veigar then :3 but her build is gonna be different though cos she's squishy ._. and doesn't have lifesteal :(

Anyway going out to eat now. SUSHEEEEEEEEEEEE :3 i think