February 27, 2010@9:17 AM
gran's back from china (: with my DOMO-KUN BAG :DD

it looks kinda retarded and out of proportion; china stuff >.> but oh well so kawaii ><

i just finished my north shore hw so i shall blog since there's nothing else to do

msn calling with crystal aka old man aka the one with the sucky internet

her net sucks; u hear me crystal; IT SUCKS

first we did it with webcams but NOO her net sucks so we just talk

February 25, 2010@9:09 PM
now announcing that the mighty eva-sama has fixed her iTouch^^

but there's still random blotches from the soap in it; but oh well, better than nothing :x

my brother came over to practice driving and buy stuff here in chatswood; so we went out to eat jap food nearby; it was very fun and yummy; we had weird coversations but it was still good la; 

we talked about indian train drivers; indian taxi drivers and annoying asian bosses; funfunfun; and how indians pronounce the names of places weird; curry accents!!

and yes congratulations on FINALLY getting the a b c riddle thing; i swear you guys are so slow;

and oh i found a picture that reminded me of you;


February 24, 2010@8:30 PM
as some of you might know, i killed my iTouch );

i was just trying to wash my clothes and then i heard a weird sound coming from the washing machine...and i was swearing full on when i saw my earphones ._. 

*sigh* i fail...

tried drying it but didnt work...dad said he'll give me his one, but funnily they're awfully easy on me this time; i thought they'd scream but oh well - it's better this way (:

anyway, i should be doing my homework now, but i dont want to :P

February 23, 2010@6:25 PM
and denise, you said you liked photography =="

       i love holga cameras <3

they take pretty photos (:

February 21, 2010@10:13 PM
chinese was very tanoshii today; fun reading nathan's sentences:

我看到他读翻书, 所以我杀了他

me: 全部都有个'死'字GE?

wilkins: 是他GE STYLE 啦


us: =="

wilkins has a witch's hat he calls 'William' but our teacher always calls him william, even though we explain to her that his name is wilkins and the hat is william ;L

February 20, 2010@9:11 AM

it takes so long making skins :/ but oh wells

some people may be confused of my thingy connection my lip to my gum 

i just cant explain things but yea i got bored and searched it up;


you know where the piercing is? that's were i hav to cut D: GAY
i feel so rebel i keep on taking my plates off >.>

gran going to china today ): i'll have to be an independantly minded young lady (:

February 18, 2010@9:42 PM
i dont know if i should keep the plates or not; mum and gran said if i really really cant stand it; i can stop if i want; but the inner me is telling me that i've already spent alot of money on this and if i stop it'll all be a waste of money; but it really is stressing me out and making me depressed; other than having to wear the plate for about one and a half year, i have to pull out the remaining baby tooth and also 4 more adult teeth to let the wisdom teeth; but wait there's more; i have to cut the thingy connection my lip to my gum because it's ' stopping my jaw from growing' BULLSHIT;

i HATE doctor Lee ._.

i just feel AWFUL right now; i feel like i want to cry and just give up but i know i shouldnt...

February 17, 2010@7:00 PM
i got my plates today ): they're HORRIBLE

i cant talk properly
i cant swallow properly
i cant close my mouth 
and my lips still hurt and still numb from pulling teeth out :<

cant wait to get braces and then i can close my mouth properly @_@

AND my teeth are starting to hurt
and my ulcers are hurting too


i still have homework too >.< STUPID DUFFY and her double sided sheets

February 16, 2010@7:32 PM
i have so much homework to do ;(

i'm getting my plates tomorrow *sob* -goodbye chocolate- -hello chocolate milk-

and what the hell is tourette syndrome; god duffy is gay >.>

i'm gonna diefrom pain O_O two ulcers on my lips; tired as ever and too much homework piling up; ARGHH!!! die duffy DIE

anywayz, i need to go to dinner now (: and i like food

"be safe, be well, eat fruit"
                                                    - communitychannel ;D

February 14, 2010@7:39 PM
i went to watch percy jackson and the lightning thief with my friends today; IT WAS AWESOME!!!

although they cut out a lot (and i mean A LOT) of parts of the story; it was still very good; the effects were good; and and and...logan lerman is hot (:

anyway, i had a usual funny chinese school day; full of canto speaking mando classes and dau gong lan gag bei choi ;DD

February 13, 2010@12:12 AM
the curse of raining swimming carnivals HAVE BEEN LIFETED (:

it was swimming carnival today and it was crazy @_@

first i was just talking with ppl when erica told me they were calling breakstroke NOW; i was like oh crap oh crap oh crap so i speed changed left my bag with someone and lined up in 14 yrs; then there was this teacher that was so annoying; she was like " line up properly in your house colour and year";how was i supposed to know where it is; GOSH; and after i epik failed it i was just talking with fish and zoe; when i was going to change i couldnt find my bag of clothes ._. i actually went around the whole place 3 times until i gave up :x i actually saw a bag but i thought it wasnt mine coz i kept on thinking mine was a harvey norman bag but it was actually a duty free bag ;) yerh i'm pro

and i had to walk BAREFOOT coz i cbb to wear my shoes so know my feet hurt like hell :<

sleeping on the towels were nice and the clouds and the sky were pretty today (L)

February 12, 2010@11:30 PM

February 11, 2010@10:52 PM
我又想去,不过又唔想去,真矛盾 -口-

i dont feel like going anymore ._. i dont feel like swimming; maybe just enter breaststroke :P but i want the sky to cry as hard as it possibly can in the morning and stop in the arvo - then only competitors would go and then the TINY pool wont be crammed with hundreds of people and it would just be very very crazy @_@

WAAAHH havent done any school homework yet ):

cbb go swimming >.> 

You're sitting around the tree, you're opening your gifts when
You notice its the one you saw them get just last year
They wrapped it up again and stuck a new name on the box
And here you are this year with somebody else's lousy socks

But you pretend that you like it
You pretend that you love it
Pretend that you need one , was looking for some
You cant contain, its that much fun you cant believe that this is what you got
And how much you like it

You watch the next person who's opening their gift now
You bought them cheap stuff from the news agency downtown
They open up their gift.. uh oh you left the price on
And now they'll know you bought it when it was marked 50 down

But they pretend that they like it
They pretend that they love it
Pretend like they need one, they were looking for some
They cant contain, its that much fun they cant believe that this is what they got

And how much you like it
You pretend that you love it
Pretend that you need one , was looking for some
You cant contain, its that much fun you cant believe that this is what you got
And how much you like it

February 9, 2010@7:31 PM

さっきまで泣いてた君が 今隣で笑ってる
少し先に待ってたこの未来に たどり着けて良かった

“君を傷つけたくない” この言葉に逃げていた
本当は誰より 自分が一番 傷つくのが怖くて

今夜 孤独と自由を羽にして あなたに会いにゆく
壊れそうな心の止まり木は あなたと架けた願い

出会ったあの日の夢を見た 手もつなげないまま二人
笑い声が ただ時をつないだ 未来なんてまだ見えなかった

目が覚めて 君 想えば 手のひらにこぼれ落ちた
あの日のぬくもり そっと握り返して 溢れた涙に目を閉じた

どんな 些細な痛みも分け合って あなたと歩けたら
途切れそうな心も抱きしめて あなたのそばにいたい

どんな 孤独も自由も羽にして あなたに会いにゆく
壊れそうな心の隣には あなたと描く未来
どんな 些細な痛みも分け合って あなたと歩けたら
途切れそうな心も抱きしめて あなたのそばにいたい

@7:22 PM
Heh! too much homework man; so busy and yet her am i blogging ignoring the fact i have a lot of homework piling up. HEHE.
Duffy was so gay yesterday ==" her and her off topics; but WHY did she have to talk about her boobs O_O went on and on for half an hour. stupid GAY peking duck
duffy: Imagine this: your in the middle of a hot desert and suddenly you see this fridge, when you open it, this cold hair pours out and then suddnely it slams on your boob. That's what a mammogram feels like.
us: O_O
duffy: (keeps on rambling) and then there's when you do sport and if you have big breasts and they go up and down *does the most 誇張(exaggerating) thing*
us: ehhh.....  >.>"

i know i'm slack ;P i still havent contacted books yet; I'll do it THIS weekend (Y)

February 7, 2010@12:56 PM

  • Title: 海派甜心 / Hai Pai Tian Xin
  • English title: Hi My Sweetheart
  • Also known as: Play Boy and Sweetheart / Shanghai Sweetheart
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 14
  • Broadcast network: CTS / GTV
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Nov-01 to 2010-Jan-31
  • Air time: Sunday 22:00 - 23:30
  • Opening theme song: Head Over Heels in Love (愛瘋頭) by Show Lo
  • Ending theme song: Rain Love (雨愛) by Rainie Yang

Main Cast

Xue Hai was a certifiable dork when he first arrived in Shanghai. After his schoolmate Bao Zhu saved him from bullying, she became his first love. Then, a misunderstanding caused them to lose contact when she moved back to Taiwan. He thought she dumped him. So he transformed himself from a dork to a hunk in order to seek revenge.

February 6, 2010@8:36 PM
i made a little domo kun yesterday, but bluetooth thingy screwed up and i didnt have cable so i i couldnt put it up; it's so cute ><

north shore was so boring today;i didnt have my phone to entertain me either D: it poured and everything was so gloomy; i didnt do my science homework coz i didnt have time and i didnt get it @_@....
me: umm...miss?
sensei: yes?
me: i left my work at home, can i give it to you next week?
sensei: okay

urghh... have to contact book; MUST NOT BE SLACK; and need to do science ); so busy...

we are buying house in HK so gran has to go back to HK for a week starting on the 20.02.10; leaving me alone D: i dont know what to eat; i cant cook i cant do the washing; oh yea crap i have to make my own bed O_O and i CANT make my own bed; 's not my fault the blanket is so heavy *-* im prolly gna have such an unhealthy week with pizza and instant noodles =="

i covered my diary *YAY* with nobuta *YAY* with kame and yamapi *faints*