December 24, 2011@12:12 AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEARY!!! You're 16 now ;) you're legal ;DDDDDDDDD

ANYWAY~~ I was looking through my photos folders and I realised alot of my luvos are with you haha feel honoured ;D We've had quite a lot of classes together these few years :) I still remember the first day I 'met' you. Well, I already knew you but I never talked to you because you were part of that group and I thought you were a bitch LOLOLOLOLOLOL idk you were a pretty bitch ;) Anyway, I thought you were one of those asians that didn't know how to speak Chinese so I was actually surprised when you talked about tvb :L Back then you still liked the Veronicas XD

Year 8 maths class was pretty fun in my opinion :3 Mr. M was so nice and I actually didn't mind sitting at the front then (: Then it was Mrs. S in year 9. Ahhh all the "Evvvuuuaa andu Deniissu vhat are yuu duin??" and getting 'moved' to the front but still ending up next to each other because she obviously doesn't get the point of moving people :L

Although we're not in the same maths class this year, sitting next to you in Geography has been very funny :L Mr. M has been very nice as to give up asking me for answers since I'm pretty sure he knows already that I don't do my work XDD But of course, you, being the good girl *cough cough cough cough* has done her work.

As I am writing this, I'm holding in my pee so you better be reading this D: AND they are telling me to go eat dinner now :/ hmm denise or dinner. which one is more important? XD

Of course you are lah ;D Anyhoo I really need to go pee now (and you really needed know that) so I hope you have a lovely birthday and I'll see you next year :)

...damn someone went into toilet ==" needa wait.......

@12:01 AM

So...I had a haircut a while ago :) and I dyed it brown XD The process of my haircut was so boring and long ==" The guy was 'busy' and kept making me wait for my cut after he dyed my hair :/ The heat thingy hurt @_@ and when I told the lady that was washing my hair afterwards she was like "Why didn't you say something then? If it hurts you have to tell us" ....Hmmm... maybe I should've :/ but anyway I was really alksjdfhlsakj about my fringe on the first day since the lady couldn't dry for shit and my fringe went retarded and split in the middle but now, after a week I'm happy with my hair 8D BUT I DON'T WANNA GO THROUGH AFTERGROWTH ;_; I'm gonna get a job and save up for palty LOLOLOL or some other nice hair dye brand :L

Anyway, China has been awesome so far. My uncle had his wedding on Monday^^ At first my feet were okay and my heels were actually pretty comfortable but by the end, I was just limping =="

Everytime I go to China I always buy Cool 輕音樂 because it's the only magazine that has more jpop stuff although it's half jpop and half kpop. But I bought the September, October, November and December issue and the december issue which I bought first had AKB48 on one side of the cover and Miss A on the other and it came with a poster with AKB48 on one side and 2NE1 on the other side but I gave it to my bro's gf cos she wanted it :L

It is the 23rd today so that means tomorrow is.......Aiba's birthday ;D that is all....
I'm joking ;D it's also ahjumma denise's birthday :) have you listened to your miss a album? (:

December 11, 2011@3:44 PM

Last night, our group had a group dinner at a friend's house :3 I would write about how amazing it was but if I did, it would probably be a load of random crap which wouldn't make sense to you so I'll just say it was beyond awesome :)

I'm going to Hong Kong tomorrow and I really should be packing ._. I have so many piano scores to copy because my gran won't let me bring the originals since I left it in China once and they had to mail it back ==" WHY IS THERE SO MUCH TO COPY D: So why am I still on the computer..blogging? I....don't know ._.

I finally finished copying :3 yea I finally left the computer to go copy my music :Lm Now I have to somehow fit everything into my bag without it being too heavy and breaking my straps @_@

I have a stupid ulcer in my mouth ;_; and we're probably gonna have maccas for lunch at the airport tomorrow haha and it's annoying to keep asking the flight attendant for water ==" oh well~ I guess I just need more sleep. I'm really sleep deprived ._.

So I'm probably gonna be on hiatus until I come back from China again which is sometime near February. When the time comes, there will probably be a huge photo spam since I'm likely going to Japan next year^^

8 more days till my uncle's wedding^^ and with that, goodbye :)

December 3, 2011@8:28 PM

I had to go yumcha with family friends today so I went to tutor in the morning instead. The teacher was a fob 'ah sok'. He kept saying, (after everything) "Do you follow? Do you follow?" (Yes, he said it twice everytime) SUUU ANNOYINGGGGG -A-

Afterwards, we went to the city to go to yumcha. I didn't feel like eating today :/ not chinese food anyway :/ ended spending most of our time watching charlieissocoollike videos and igudesman and joo videos. They are hilarious 8)

Afterwards, me and my gran looked around the shops a bit from market city to town hall. At one of the shops in market city, I bought those heels to wear to my uncle's wedding LOLOLOL Original price was 108 and I bought it for 54 *does a little asian victory dance* I really don't think they match my dress though, since my dress is black :/ Hmm... or maybe it's just that the shoes don't suit black stockings :/ I need to find grey or purple stockings :O

When we passed by Equip, I bought a backpack and two bags since it was buy 2 get 1 free :3 I had a productive day today =w=

I finished one of the bunnies I was making for my friends and lol I made an extra kinda ugly white one ahhhhh ottoke the ear's retarded :L lol maybe I'll put a ribbon on it :L