February 2, 2014@7:39 PM

(stolen from turtle)

So I got back to Sydney a few days ago and I'll be leaving to Hong Kong tomorrow. goodness I am still so jetlagged and sleepy and tired and ceebs and sleepy. This is the first time I kinda just want to stay in Sydney and not go anywhere.

So wot1314. Overall, it was a pretty amazing experience being able to spend a whole month with friends travelling around the world (well Europe anyway). But man... one month is just way too long. I got so sick and I'm still kinda recovering. Never again am I going on a tour for that long ;A;

So much happened during the tour that I can't even talk about the 'highlights' of the trip. But I guess the highlights of the last few days has to be Universal Studios and the 'cold war'. So the cold war.
What happened was basically, our 'tour conductor' and one of the people in our tour, had a well, let's say, disagreement. It was a pretty one sided argument since the tour conductor (code name: President Snow) was pretty much just picking on him (code name: cc). CC pretty much had the whole bus on his side because after a whole month on this tour, we understand how unfair President Snow has been and just how plain rude he is. Wait sorry, I meant how r0000000000000000d he's been. After a while of President Snow insisting that they get off the bus to talk about the terms and conditions, someone suggested they work it out after we get to the hotel with both of them each getting a representative and a mediator and sort it out that way. Woah. It was like a movie. They actually all sat there really professionally and they looked so intense. Made it really awkward standing in the lobby with them.

Enough of that cos I can't retell its epicness properly. So another highlight of LA was Universal Studios. HOLY SHIT HOUSE OF HORRORS. I've never been in a proper haunted house let alone a walking one. We all were screaming for our lives and I couldn't even open my eyes and look at all the people properly since I got so scared LOLOLOL So outside there's a sign saying "Do not touch our staff members. They will not touch you". So seeing that, I assumed they won't even come any close to you. I've never been so wrong. Assuming they won't, we came across the first person. He was behind bars so I assumed that's the closest he'll ever be so I waved at him. Bad move. Definitely bad move. Little did I know that once you turn the corner, there's a corridor where the guy is and there is nothing between you and him. Oh god he charged at us and scared us shitless. And that's how we found out what to prepare ourselves for. Not that we could or anything.

The whole trip was unforgettable but if I was to name a place that I will definitely go back again it would have to be Florida Disney World. I don't think I will ever get sick of Disney and the way it just brings back childhood memories. The rides aren't too crazy so nearly everyone can enjoy them together (although I like crazy rides). After a tiring day of rides and running around the different places and attractions, the beautiful night lights just let you calm down and makes you feel ....just magical. Unfortunately I got so tired both of the days so I had to leave before fireworks. On the second day of Disneyworld, I left with turtle early because both of us were pretty tired already and we didn't want to have to cramp in with the people who did watch the fireworks on the bus. But the fireworks started just as we were leaving so we stayed for the first song. I can't wait to go to Japan with you bby o3o (if it actually does happen lol)

Anyway, so I got my UNSW student ID on Thursday. It didn't actually turn out that bad LOL Maybe I got a nice machine. Maybe that lady photoshopped my face cos it was too bad. I'm still not pumped for uni tho. WHY DID I CHOOSE ENGINEERING FML Afterwards I met up with a derpy couple to go to k but I was double third wheeling two couples LOLOLOL foreveralone.jpeg. But I stole beb from Maru so it was all good :') My voice is still dead from 3 weeks of non stop coughing so of course I wasn't in my best condition. GDI GIVE ME MY VOICE BACK. I need to k even more once I get back from China (not like I don't go to k alot already OHOHOHOHO)

Downloaded and watched Frozen today and omg my feels my disney feels why are disney movies just so good jfc onions everywhere

okay dinner now.