March 24, 2014@11:46 PM
(photo by Aoki)

hah I accidentally started writing this on a blog which used to be shared between me choi and denise :L But I was kinda doing a quiz on moodle and I couldn't be bothered so I just left it and it saved as a draft automatically. Good thing choi saw haha or I probably would've posted it in there :L

So the past weekend was just amazing but tiring but amazing and I have post fun depression now hah

So Saturday was Animania and at first I wasn't sure if I wanted to go or not. I was pretty keen on leaving the house but since the sexy foursome was not going I didn't know if I wanted to go or not. That also meant I had to train it in cosplay makeup by myself. I can't. I still can't. It's too hazukashii hahhaa But I ended up doing my makeup at home, wearing sunnies until I got to Redfern and then changing into my wig and costume at the station haha. It was pretty funny watching people walk past us and it was so awkward when a group of girls walked past and one of them said, "they even wore coloured contacts". Then her friend went all "oh she was? where? I couldn't see"... and I just continued looking away from them :'D

It was nice just seeing some people again after 239847 years and it was also nice meeting some new people as well :) I cosplayed Matryoshka Gumi on Saturday. I know. again LOLOLOLOL I swear this will be the last time for a con :3 Can't wait to finally shoot it :3 I really do want to do a night shoot for Matryoshka :O Matryoshka's costume is a hoodie so under the strayan sun I actually thought I was just gonna melt into a little puddle but surprisingly it wasn't that bad :L

I went home for dinner because I felt bad since I kinda still had work to do and seeing as Kyary's concert was the day after, I had to finish everything before then. On the train trip back home, I finally met Rie (properly) and we just talked about dramas ohohohoho it was nice talking about dramas after so long ;w;

So Sunday Sunday Sunday :3 Someone jamnominated me the night before and I just found out so I thought meh ceebs it's the morning I have no voice but I woke up pretty early and I didn't have to leave the house et so I thought yolo whatever let's do this! So I sang PONPONPON. BUT. I uploaded the wrong video on and someone people already saw it before I could take it off nuuuuu

I met up with Dandan, Beb and Maru afterwards to watch the Wind Rises (ghibli film). The whole time in the beginning, I couldn't stop shipping Jiro and Honjo GOD DAMMIT I SWEAR THAT WAS FANSERVICE. THAT WINK. THAT HIP GRAB AHHHHHHHH But anyway, it was a ... deep movie and I don't really know how I feel about it. But it was still good though. Then it was buying lunch/dinner, wait for Mel then off to wait for Kyary's concert to start.

Let me just say that she was amazing. That concert was magical. I'm still sad that it was over. I miss her ;w; At first I wanted to go to the top level of the roundhouse but it was an 18+ event and ahhhhh so frustrated! They didn't accept my student id and I still don't have my Ls. I swear I am going to get it as soon as possible *^* So I went back down and joined the others :L It was nice on the bottom too :) Everything was fine except for the fact that a girl in front of me was gabbering the whole concert. gurl. You do not gabber to Kyary. well you can but you do NOT gabber in Kyary's concert in front of someone shorter than you. Then a tall guy on heels started dancing along with her, jumping up and down like MATE R00D It was so hard trying to find a space to see her. But everything was worth it. Leg ache, hand ache, head ache; everything was worth it to see Kyary sing. She is just one amazing person.

I crey because I didn't bring my camera so I have no decent photos of her ;~;

So this is a lesson I learnt during these two weeks.
NEVER choose a course just because 'my parents want me to' or 'everyone else is doing it', unless the prospects of your future career is enough of a motivation to spend a few years studying something you don't like.

If you don't particularly dislike that course then it's possible to come to like and enjoy it. But if you have absolutely no interest in it, it's better to change your mind. Sure, you could have a great career and be earning loads in that field. But you will be spending your whole life doing something that 'doesn't interest you'. 

Alot of people will tell you this and this is because it really is true. When you're interested in something, you will naturally work harder and be more focused, therefore allowing you to do well in that subject or field. This is the same for the opposite where if you don't like something, everything may seem 'confusing' or 'hard'. This is exactly my situation. Although I see my parents' logic of why taking my course would be 'good for the future', I can't see that I will be sucessful anyway. I obviously have no talent whatsoever for architecture and it is absolutely stressing me out. I have not been so overwhelmed by school my whole life. Even HSC wasn't this stressful in my opinion because all the subjects (excluding English lol) were my choice and my choice alone. I had noone telling me what subjects I should take or what subjects will 'get me a job in the future'. 

Meeting people with the same interests as you also contributes to how much you will enjoy uni. It's true that I've met many awesome people who I have no regrets meeting. But it makes me look back at high school and I just miss being able to spend time with people who share the same interests. To be able to fangirl over the same idols or discuss cosplay plans in class. High school is truly something you'll miss once you start uni.

If I had absolute choice over what course I would study, I would probably have chosen Bachelor of Arts and Commerce or Bachelor of International Commerce. If people haven't figured out already, I really really really really really love Japanese. Jpop, anime, manga, Jdrama, everything. Although Japanese pop culture is something I really am obsessed with, I really do love Japanese as a language. I just really like learning different languages so it has always been my dream to continue studying Japanese in uni and hopefully make a career out of it. Which was why I never would have expected that a few years down I chose a course completely unrelated to languages or humanities for that matter. 

Of course, it's not that I find the content boring or something. I actually find the lectures for Built Environment quite interesting, but I know I'm bad at it and will never be able to make a career out of it that I 'hate' it. Listening to lectures about it is one thing, actually doing research on it is another. I don't know... I can't even really explain why I hate the architecture part of my course so much.

But of course, it was still mostly my decision to go with this course so I'm not going to half-ass it. If I didn't give it a go and do the best I did, I would probably feel guilty when I transfer.
Plus I would probably have to put up with my dad's nagging.

Ahhh... welp it felt better to get that off my chest. Now I have to continue working on my project. hah
slowly dying halp