December 24, 2010@5:20 PM
It is my darling unnihyung denise's birthday today (click) so yeah. Go wish her a happy birthday please. Even if you don't know her :)

I don't really know what to right. Hmm. Well, this year has been OSM with you. I was really happy to be in alot of your classes^^ and be your maths buddy again. I hope I'll be in your classes next year as well! But aishh our school's always being gay and grouping people gaylly D:

Anway, how's australia, on your birthday WITHOUT ME D: I know you miss me greatly ;) Don't worry I'm sure your porn is occupying you well ;D JKSJKS nah lots of porn is never enough for you :L and you and I both know this is true. hehe

So, I hope you have an awesomely greatly awesome birthday oppa hyung unni darling k3 and I hope you have fun without me :'( *forever alone* nah i have my computer....o-o

Hong Kong's been quite awesome actually. I came with my grandma and dad so the first few days have been quite tiring ==" They always want to go everywhere. And I always want to stay at home LOL. But then friday came and they were gonna go back to GZ, so I decided to stay behind without my aunt and her parents. FCKYEAH! Life for me right now has been: 11pm wake up; ninja speed get ready for early yumcha at 11.30 nearby; 12.30 finish eating and go to the nearby arcade hehe; Come back at like 2 and go on the computer; Then go out for 'har mm cha' at 3.30; Come back and take a shower and watch TV and computer until dinner; dinner at like 5.30 LOLOL then go back to the arcade at like 7.30^^ arhh the arcade is so fun :L stay until it closes (10pm) and go home and sleep at 12. Repeat.

At first, all we did and the arcade was play that pokermachine game, but not with actual money. When you get 3 icons the same in a row, you get a score and you can choose to just get the points or play the game where you gave to guess out of 4 cards which one(s) is bigger than the one shown. When 3 monkeys appear, even if they don't line up, you get a bonus game where you pull strings to either get bananas (points) or coconuts (end of game) if you pass the level and get all 5 strings banana, you get to choose between two boxes and those are bonus points. Story of my life o-o - gambling :L

There's this game I started playing two days ago where it's a machine with 4 players and you try to catch fish and the shark is 100 points. 1 point being one coin and 1 coin when you buy it from the counter, is 1 HKD $___$ I won 500 points the other day 8D LUCKY DESU. But I lost 160 yesterday. I swear it was because of the 'see lais' who were really annoying and getting on my nerves! Yes, the arcade is filled with ahjummas and ahjussis more than kids :L I swear they dominate the popular games. They have so much time :L

Gonna go eat now :D BAI BAI^^

December 15, 2010@10:43 PM


gonna try to blog if I find time and net xD

December 14, 2010@12:33 PM
Hehe I like guys that can speak (fluently) cantonese and english :) If he knows Mandarin and Japanese as well then that's just osm 8D

Really nice and funny :3 Nice as in actual caring nice and funny as in non-lame funny 8D HORHORHOR and he has to be nice to my family and friends because I'm a family and friends person^^

Umm doesn't smoke?...and doesn't game too much LOL

yerhyerhyerh :)

I downloaded super scribblenauts today 8D I was playing it a while ago. It's so addictive! But then my ds ran out of battery :'( Gonna go charge it and continue playing after this.

I went to angela's house yesterday^^ I missed my train which made me miss the train I had to change to which made me take the all-stops slow train ==" Which made me 30 minutes late T_T

We played singstar and it was my first time playing LOL It was fun watching people change the lyrics and still manage to win ;DDD Then LUNCHHHH. We had so much food for lunch. Everyone had to bring something in and in the end, so much food had to be brought back because there was just too much ^^"

I've been very sleepy lately =w= Slept at 11 last night and woke up at 11 :L
I shall sleep early tonight

December 13, 2010@10:52 PM

December 12, 2010@9:14 AM

Some of you may know from reading denise's blog, I went ice-skating with her on friday^^
I can't be bothered writing about it since she's already recounted about it so I will talk about yesterday 8D

(left to right) michelle, renae, susie, susie's sister emily, crystal, angela y, erica, esther, me :), kimberly l., kimberley w. (erica was trying to bash me and esther's head together so we were holding on to her hand LOL)

So we went on a parent's day outing at bankstown buffet yesterday :D It was really fun^^ I went to stra so mish could pick me up and she drove me to bankstown :D We took alot of luvos on the way :L Then through alot of confusion and figuring out what we were supposed to do, we finally got everyone seated and sorted out :L We started eating.

Now, I normally eat a whole plate of salad before I eat anything else, because if I don't I wont get my vegies and I'll have a whole mouth of ulcers the next day...But when I was walking to get food, I got a call from a friend about the plans today, and I had my phone in one hand and plate in another, so I got kinda annoyed but alskjdhflakjh I had to answer the call == But then I saw kimbo with spring rolls so I asked if she could get some for me. Then I went along the line (still talking on the phone) and saw chips nuggets and calamari rings. Talking on the phone is really distracting and there was a whole mob of people behind so I just quickly grabbed whatever my mind told me to get on impulse.

I suddenly realised I got alot of fatty food when I ended my call...@_@

After we finished eating, we started going on hyper and then grabbed other people's name tag thingys and did impersonations of them :L it was funny^^ After that was PHOTO TIME :D Alot happened yesterday so I kinda can't include everything :/

Oh and I gained myself a sister ;D susie's sister :L:L she's so cute. At first, she ignored me when I called her name, then she gave me 'merons' (xP) but then finally she listened to me :D She's so energetic though -o- can't keep up!

And I also nearly lost my camera case yesterday, until I found it in mish's car ;D

Overall, yesterday was maybe the highlight of my year, even more epic than the late nights in city^^ because being with my group owns going out at 10 in the city or watching people get drunk LOL. Let's hope every year will be this fun 8)

I'm going city today...I WAS looking forward to it, but after yesterday, I'm tired, I'm sleepy and now I can't be bothered ==" meh but it's a friend's kinda farewell party, because she's going back to HK to study :( I shall miss her D:


dango daikazoku (CLANNAD ed)

CRY :'(
Sayonara - orange range
since it's not subbed the part in the middle, the guy is saying, (btw he's dead and that's his girlfriend and she can't see him)
"sorry. It was my bad. Once more. It was because I wanted to talk to you once more.
I'm sorry, God. I was lieing (it was a joke). Reiko, (sorry I didn't know what he said here :/)
So, open your eyes"

kachofuugetsu - remioromen

Kuchibiru Kara Romantica (唇からロマンチカ) - AAA

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL^^ No more junior school uniform. No more ugly tunics 8D SENIOR UNIFORM NEXT YEAR HORHORHOR

Haha got our reports today. I'm quite happy with mine actually :D for once LOL I got over average for all except for PDHPE ._. but meh i don't care about sport 8D

When we were getting our yearbooks, Mr. Abbey was next to the other english teacher who was handing them out and he said, "You have to tell him a joke if you want the book" So I was just like, "Umm umm umm mr. abbey?". and the teacher was like, "That's a good joke. Here's your yearbook" haha I ish funny shush ;D

Going ice-skating tomorrow with my gay ahjussi denise :) and two of my friends from chinese school LOL. It shall be fun^^

December 8, 2010@8:05 PM

1. When people start ignoring me...
2. When teachers insist on giving students a massive load of homework, even though it's nearly the end of the year ==
3. When other people PMS LOL
4. Umm idk...when people are being bitchy?
5. When people take a joke to far =="

HELLO THERE ;) Yes, I haven't been blogging lately, because DUFFY was being homo so I had to finish the group task crap on Monday night ==" Then, I slept early on Tuesday because I was sleep deprived haha. I might sleep early today as well 8D

So, today is wednesday, the second last day of school for me ^^ We had a little commerce 'celebration of learning'. In other words, a party! I brought in this korean chip thing and salt and vinegar kettle chips, but I never got to opening the kettle chips because we were so full~ Miss brought in cake as well :D and another good news - she's teaching us next year as well!!! *is very happy*

We're getting our reports tomorrow hoho. I hope my english is okay because I think I improved since last term :| But I have no hopes for science and PDH LOL

Friday is speech day, so unless you're getting an award, you don't have to come, so me and denise shall be going ice-skating :DDD CAN'T WAIT~~~

So, I shall leave you now to continue whatever you were doing. PORN *cough* I know that's what denise is watching ;D JKSJKS kthxbai :D

December 1, 2010@8:30 PM
Okay, first photo would probably have to be this one^^
Me and denise weren't always tight as siblings. This was taken last year in maths- Mr. Moncrieffe made us sit in alphabetical order...that meant away from Crystal :'( At that time, I've actually never spoken to Denise, that gay child, but alphabetically I was sitting next to her. She sat in the right corner in the front and I was next to her. I actually don't even remember how we started talking :/ Maybe I started the conversation ^^ idk... But slowly, we began to be friends, and we started full speaking canto to each other and I think this was written and taken not long after. Denise wrote this in the back of my maths book because we were so bored :L and I took a picture of it :)

Me in this picture, of course, does not look all that pleasant LOL but ahh good memories are still good memories.
This picture, i believe was taken last year, when we were all in the same sport class. We were playing a game, but I think we got bored because the person that was playing never got out or something so we had to wait. Now, one of use started squating and then the others came and squatted next to her. We were all asians so meh we thought we'd call this the asian squat. Tennis is the best!

Kay, so another picture taken last year...
I actually don't really remember what we were exactly doing at that time...Maybe it was the make-sherbet lesson...or maybe not idk but we got pretty highISH and started sucking the cups in so they stayed on our face LOL yep we're that mature ;)
I will always miss being in that science class, even though it was duffy...D:

This picture was taken, I think before mrs. samiri left :/
Wang started sitting on Susie, and then she saw us and indoor-voice yelled, "stacks on susie"
and that was how we formed this long row of people, sitting on each other. But eventually, after one photo...yep we stacked it and fell :') English times (L)

This geography when Mish was sick (like always)
She had a very bad runny nose so I went with her to get some tissues from the toilet because no one else had any. I rolled it up on the way back to class and because geography lessons are bludge and I never do anything, I became Mish's human toilet paper stand for a day. We were cracking up because keke I did a pretty good job LOL (H)

Although there are heaps of photos that make up my memories, this one is the last one.
This was the first time I went to one of my high school friend's house. This was just during the July holiday i think. We went to mish's house for hot pot. We just had so much fun. I think I've written about it :/ but meh so it was our group (5 people) and angela, kimberly and susie. We were just friends then and our group haven't yet combined, now we're an extremely happy group of 11, with us 8 and wang, angela t. and renae :) Although we are all very different, which we had realised lately, we just somehow fit together^^