September 30, 2010@9:17 PM
yea...if you've seen denise's blog...i got lost @_@

and today I went to hunter valley and the whole family kinda got lost T^T

So we were trying to get to that Pooles Rock restaurant thing and was using mum's iPhone as a GPS because we thought it would be cool; even though we had a GPS -_-

So the options were: fastest route; shortest route; and most economic route so we picked the fastest route....

We were just about 7 km away when it started pointing us to those really SUPER SUPER rocky and dangerous roads - actually it shouldn't even be called a road ==" it was just like a rock path thing ._.

so we thought it would be okay to go this way...thinking "it'll only be a short path we'll be on the road soon"

but NO GHEY stupid iPhone GPS wannabe =="

we were going up and down and we were all scared that the tyres were gonna burst ==" scared the shit out of me. We drove on thinking it would end soon until we came to this really steep rocky 'road'

Now we were in deep shit T_T"

So I got out my phone and called the place and asked how I could get there if I was where I was...problem was, I didn't know how to explain where we were because all I knew was we were on Debeyers Rd....and she said that was really long @_@ yea thanks for your help =="

In the end I got out the GPS and selected easiest way to "mcdonalds Rd and Debeyers Rd's intersection because that was where the restaurant was supposed to be...

I got an option saying ,"this may lead to some unsurfaces roads, do you want to avoid?"
and of course anyone with common sense would press "AVOID"
but guess what? It said ,"Unsurfaces road cannot be avoided" because we were already on it -.-"

yea thanks a lot GPS =="

but yea we made it out alive and my mom said, "WAHH zun hai mou him wor, dou fan mm dou lei geh"

translation: 'WAA such an adventure; can't even go back'
yea..i want to live tyvm

but yea had heaps of yummy food at the place, then took pretty photos of the scenery~ then went to some random chocolate shop and pigged out on iced chocolate, then went on the car home and slept 8)

I would post pictures of the food and the scenery...but it's on my camera and I cbb go get it @_@ maybe tomorrow because it really was pretty~

September 28, 2010@10:25 PM

aishh this holiday is so boring ==" nothing to do ._. i want to watch something...not sure what's on :O Anyone know any movies?


Woke up at 8.30 again today and couldn't get back to sleep :x AIYAH and my hair was REALLY wavy and curly TTATT then I tried straightening it but then my ends looked like they were dying -___-" fml why couldn't I have nice straight hair D:

and I regret getting my hair more layered ._. should've waited till layers grew out so it's nice and straight but NOOO I'm a stupid idiot and wanted to get it super layered =___= aishh =="

Then went food shopping with my gran again. I swear I'm gonna get so fat this holiday x__x I bought caramel pudding and a chocolate yoghurt thing :P and also this asian 'young coconut meat in syrup' It's so YUMMY @_@ Was just nomnomnoming away and when I finished, my mouth was all cool and nice; so nice on a hot/warmish day (Y) Straight after that my dad made us pizza :D Yea I feel like a glutton -.-

Went to piano lesson after that. Was so screwed because I completely forgot I had to learn scales @_@ i hate scales ==" but yea it wasn't actually that bad though. Still survived it somehow (H)

I am trying to skin but I too lazy to even type nowadays o.o But yes I should be finished tomorrow :D

LOL according to dad, I'm going to IKEA tomorrow :L IKEA HOTDOG (L)(L)

September 27, 2010@4:07 PM

aiyah im tired now == dedi to denise finally finished =___="
ima go swim now since dad says im too fat T^T
ima blog about yesterday after the swim :)
hehe made one similar to this for myself but tokyo style :D
jya ne~

//okay so i has just come back from swimming, had a slive of cheesecake and some papaya :P

so yesterday...yesterday was pretty boring and tiring =___= we went to blue mountains and my feet KILLED x__x but yea i need exercise i guess -___-

ooh and on the train we took some pretty photos of the sunset^^

ooh yes and i haricutted :D not much of a difference though...:S

September 25, 2010@5:09 PM

Anyway, I haricutted today...kinda went (N)

I was trying to get it layered but maybe it was too short? I don't know she was like, "I think this is the right length" and I said to her, "can you make it shorter? o.o"

and when she did cut it a bit shorter, I thought to myself, "oh shit =="

But yes it's finally holidays :D am too happy....and bored .____. There's practically nothing to do this holiday @_@ I don't want to go out that much either; need to save money for an epic spend at the end of the year xD

I would take a luvo of my haircut and post it....but my phone ran out of battery and I cbb go charge it or get the camera ._. maybe tomorrow....

September 21, 2010@10:13 PM
alksjdfhlkajs fell asleep on the train today ==" and nearly missed my stop

It was so awkward and embarassing suddenly realising it's my stop and trying to get past all the people getting on .____. even more embarassing when you trip and hit your knee on the steps and then someone sees you and asks if you're okay...fml =="

Anyway, I couldn't really get much sleep last night T_T I went to bed early but never managed to fall asleep :(

I would sleep earlier tonight, but I have ICT and my egg assignment to do ARRGHH FMLFMLFMLFMLFMLFML TT_TT

so yes this is a short post because *cough* i still haven't finished eggy yet -___-"
and I haven't even finished my 30 letters thing @_@

September 17, 2010@5:28 PM
WAKAKAKAKA I HAS A NEW SKIN....well it's just my old one that I got bored of....

September 16, 2010@11:57 PM
ARARKLJHLKJHADS I'm so tired TT^TT Just finished my romeo and juliet crap thing and ALSO the new skin I was working on @_@ I'm lacking sleep -___-

But yes I have finished a new skin; not very good but I'm ditching this totoro one...hmmm might upload it :S

But yes had piano today :( dayum teacher was back from her holiday D: But on happier note, she brought me back some sugus lollies for souv :L:L I love that shiz :K

Anyway Ima go sleep now~ It's 12 already right now ==" I've been sleeping at 12 for the past few days .___. I should really stop or my eyes will just turn into this massive black bulge of shit but yes OYASUMII!!

September 14, 2010@9:15 PM
HEHEHEHE school was gay like usual but after school cheered me up a bit :D

My friend is going to japan for 2 weeks for school and needs to find some kind of souvenir for the jap girl who's place he's gonna be staying at~ so since he was going to Jap - me being jap obsessed nagged him to buy me a jap bag 8)

but yea...I had to help him think of idea for souvenirs and HEHEHE i have nothing after school today^^

He asked if I wanted easyway and of course I said yes and expected to pay him back when my easyway was delivered but asldkfjhsaldkfjh he shouted me (Y)(Y)(Y) ye i love easyway (L)

To sum up my day, I got shouted easyway and OH ONE MORE THING :D He said he knows where to buy the jap bag so WAKAKAKAKAKAKA it's highly likely I'll be able to own a jap bag before the holiday ends^^

yes I am a very jap obsessed spazzy child 8D

September 12, 2010@5:21 PM
HEHEHE I'm very spazzy today :D

Firstly, thank you all lovelies for my first SOTD :') I was so scared a lot of people were gonna post mean comments cos it wasn't the best thing you could've expect from an SOTD....but yes I'm happy to see nice comments^^ ...except !MAG!NE-nation who doesn't have a life ==

and secondly *drum roll* m application was 'successful' and KFC will contact me in 48 hours :DD

Dear Eva Huang
Thank you for registering your details and for applying for a position at KFC at Your application has been successfully received and you will be contacted again by KFC via email within 48 hours.
Best Regards,
The KFC Team
but yea enough spazzing, my day was pretty good - went to chinese school and all I did all lesson was keep nagging my friend to buy me a jap school bag 8D he said he would^^ but who knows what if he can't find one D: D: D: I'll be depressed all year TT_TT

Dear Grandpa,

I don't quite remember you that well but the 4 years of happiness you gave to me was just magical. You gave up a lot for me and I wish you could've stayed a little while longer...
I want to get to know you more and bring happiness to you like you did for me. Even though you are not with me right now, I will still keep you in my heart forever. R.I.P ♥


September 11, 2010@10:41 PM
I was really bored today x___x so I was just browsing weheartit :)
Haven't come up inspiration for another skin so I just thought hmm I'll make this :P
Enjoy (?)



September 10, 2010@11:23 PM

Hehehe I finally made a new blogskins :D

anyway, TODAY IS FINALLY FRIDAY AGAIN :DD need to continue crotchet knitting the totoro I started like ages ago ....all I've done is like an ear @_@ It's so hard Dx

But yes, I had dental checkup today...was okay :S I have to wear my expanders for another 12 months until I can get braces TT_TT Why is my life so ghey D: and my teeth -____-

Hehe hai hai gonna go totoro now~

Hmm...someone I don't talk to much as I want to.... :S

I guess there are people that I have met once or twice who I would love to talk to more :(
I want to get to know them more, but I guess you can't be close with everyone o.o
But yes and there are some people that I have not seen since primary that I wish I could see again :/ Some where once best friends of mine but they have gone on with their life now...

yea this is a short post == it's like 10.07 at night and I want to sleep earlier tonight (Y)
so yes oyasumi~


September 4, 2010@11:47 PM
Someone I wish I could meet....hmmm HECK i wanna meet all of the J-pop celebs @_@ but yes, Kamenashi Kazuya, my husband (i wish ==) and ayaka is my two favourites!!

Kamenashi had always been my favourite because well he is a very smexxy thing ;)
He can act and sing and has such a beautiful face =w=

ayaka is my favourite singer of all time along with KOBUKURO <--- ayaka + Kobukuro is like magic (Y)(Y)(Y) but yes she's pretty and sings PRO! But she stopped singing because of some kind of illness :( I was sad ==


September 2, 2010@8:06 PM

Day 07 — Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush was kinda non yeah :/ SKIP :D

My favourite internet friend....hmm...I don't really have one that I'm that close to right now .___. but all those awesome and pro blogskinners out there :] You guys are just magical ;)

Anyway, I should be doing my science now -______-
so yea jya ne~~