October 27, 2011@9:15 PM
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I've realised I really do have the attention span of a beetle.... or even less.

Unless it's a subject I like or if I'm listening to music, I CANNOT survive double periods without annoying the person next to me, or even in the case of copying notes in commerce, throwing my pen and just saying, "I can't. I just can't concentrate anymore"

lol. The teacher would've been wise to let me listen to music D;

So I resorted to telling the person next to me, that I'm bored. That was until she said, "Shut up Eva lol. You have such a short attention span" Story of my life.

I currently hate tpg right now. IT LIED TO ME D': They said that the net would be set up in about 10 days. IT'S BEEN FRIKKEN 15 OR SO DAYS NOW D8 WAEEEE ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME TAT I HAVE ALOT (and I mean alot) OR VARIETY SHOWS/DRAMAS/PVs + MP3s TO DOWNLOAD. you suck :'(

Arashi's new PV is so adorable but NOOOOO I can't watch the whole thing cos my net is....oh wait I don't have net (except for the crappy pocket wi-fi) -o-

I should start studying for something.....but when I look at work, I start getting really sleepy. (or I will start turning around and looking at my beautiful posters)

October 25, 2011@7:02 AM
No I'm not dead yet I just have no net right now.

The week before last week, we had tests so I thought meh I shouldn't be blogging so I left it for a while and then straight after I finished tests my rents decide to cut the Internet to upgrade to the new plan...and so they left me with a shitty pocket wifi thing TT

I only have 1GB of net to use :'( Which is why I didn't want to go on livejournal because Last time I went on, I saw all these videos I wanted to download but couldn't :'(

It's spam download time when I get my net back XD

October 5, 2011@11:52 PM

I was out with denise and some other friends today :) but they were gonna be at ct at around 12 so I thought I'd go out just a bit early since I wanted to buy my poporo :3 I should really stop spending ==" but oh well mommy gave me some money so I DONT REGRET ANYTHING 8D

I got there at about 11 and went to chinatown to see if A class was there, but sadly the asian guy said they sold out D: So I trekked to town hall to buy POPORO from kinokuniya, but when I got there, the shelves were so full of the new magazines that came in stock. I was spazzing on the inside and I ended up buying POPORO AND TV LIFE :3 The pictures and posters are so nomnomnom :3

Anyway, when I got home after lunch, I went to rearrange my posters so I could put my new ones on^^ took me a while since the Kokuritsu tour Arashi poster which came with the Myojo November Issue was a bit shorter than the rest of the mass of posters and magazine cut outs it kept looking awkward but in the end I gave up and just stuck it on the far end. I can't stop looking at the Nino poster^^ It's so long and big and clear and his face takes up 2 of 3 A4 page size. I'm loving my room more and more.

I really should start cramming or else I really will fail......and get 3 end awards D': and get murdered by my rents O_O

October 3, 2011@10:41 PM

It is holidays so of course that means KARAOKE :D I went to karaoke with my Arashi buddy :3 First we went to Kinokuniya and when I was about to buy Poporo because it had Arashi at the front, I was looking at Myojo it said 'JUMBO PINUP' under Arashi and me, like any other Arashian started spazzing and went to buy it. It also came with a really cute NYC purse thing. I'm broke now =="

But when I got home and was looking through some scans I downloaded before, I saw that the Poporo one came with 4 posters!!! FOUR TTATT Now I'm trying to decide whether to buy it or not :/ I literally am running out of money because I keep on spending on a lot of little things =="

But oh well, at least I did buy some clothes in the end :) and I didn't have to pay for them because I was shopping with parents and gran ;)