December 11, 2013@7:00 PM

So I went out for Korean BBQ last night and also to pick up my yukata from my friend. BRING ON THE MATSURI ┏| ̄^ ̄* |┛

I had time to kill after picking up my yukata and buying my kk present so I met up with some friends and bummed around at Tom n Toms. The weather was so hot yesterday so thank the Lord for air con. We actually stayed there for around 3 hours so I reckon the staff probably wanted us gone :L Then when everyone arrived we headed to the bbq place~

How I love the words 'all-you-can-eat' but man.... I really shouldn't have just eaten nothing but meat because I felt so sick afterwards :') I literally didn't eat anything else at all since there was a rule saying you'll have to pay if you have leftovers and because we just kept taking more and more meat of course we have to finish it. So by the time we finished the 3~4 rounds of meat we took, I was so full I couldn't eat anything else. Plus, we were idiots and used both our plates to take meat so our plates were dirty. But buffets are nice indeed //pig

To work off some of the phat (well at least make ourselves feel less guilty about it) we went for a walk in Darling Harbour and of course there aren't that many kids this late at night so we went crazy on the play equipment and the water things. omg we actually got so sweaty from playing on everything XD Hopefully the parents who were there weren't judging us. hah

We all went home after that but stupid Shittyrail made me change to Shittyrail buses even though there's not planned trackwork like wtf D;

I'm watching D. Gray-man now because I've never finished it or even managed to go past episode 30 lol Anime takes so much effort jfc There are actually so many series I want to start watching but they're either all way to long or I've seen too many spoilers on tumblr that I just can't be bothered :/ Not sure if I want to start Kyoukai no Kanata or not since the first episode didn't really catch my attention. I guess I'll watch HunterxHunter after I'm done with D. Gray-man since I loved the manga. Rereading the manga now before I start the anime huehuehue HISOKA YOU PERFECT CREEP <3 p="">