December 4, 2013@12:13 AM
yes. I'm done. jfc

I decided to (attempt to) revive my blog but because I abandoned it for so long I had to change and fix stuff. Plus, I'm an idiot and accidently deleted images so I had redo some things. Although I just half-assed fixed it, it's done. I don't care anymore shhh

I deleted the depressing rant hah. But wow the last time I blogged before that was October 2012 o-o such long much abandoned wow~ So much shit has happened since then that I can't even be bothered to blog about everything. It would take up way too much space anyway. It pretty much went along the lines of: year 12; school; cosplay; exams; cosplay; karaoke; exams; lazing around; exams; cosplay; exams; exams; exams. And graduation. 

Hah I actually still don't feel like I've graduated yet tbh. I still feel like I'm a high school student that's on her holiday and I will be back to school soon. Maybe this is what doing nothing does to you. I feel so unproductive that I'm actually finding ways to make myself think that I'm doing something productive - like sewing. But then, my short attention span doesn't let me continue sewing for more than 3 days straight. So I'm back to square one.

I've been going karaoke and movies alot lately. (As if I don't go to karaoke alot already haha) 2 weeks ago - or at least I think it was 2 weeks ago I can't tell time when I don't have school - I watched Thor 2 with the Japanese Extension buddies. I have not fangirled this much in the cinemas before LOL We sat at the very back and I was sitting next to Perapera. So that meant we were spazzing like crazy. Plus, the cinema was pretty empty so we didn't really have to hold back. I can't help it. Tom Hiddleston is too dreamy.

Then, a few days later, I went to watch Insidious 2 with some friends. I think that was the first time I've ever watched a horror movie in the cinemas. I actually found that less scary than watching it at home on a laptop, maybe since I'm not watching it alone and senpai next to me was scared it was so cute and funny (I'm sorry). 

Going to 6 hour k session tomorrow with the homodachis. Well, technically 5 hours since I want food first. Gonna go to bed and read more yaoi luls お疲れ山です