October 19, 2012@11:05 PM

I've abandoned Jpop for so long now ._. but after hearing this song I remember why I liked them so much again ^^~

This week was our first week of year 12 classes. Somehow I've survived..... but I have a feeling I will go through the same I-hate-maths-so-much-omg phase ==" I've had such good teachers these 5 years..... WHY NOW?! WHY ON THE LAST YEAR?! WHYYYYYYY?!!

I miss my 3unit class so much :'( I was so depressed the other day thinking about how I'll be stuck in that pigeon #2's class for a year more and how much fun I would be in if I dropped down to 3unit.......TTATT

Compared to maths, I'm pretty okay with my other subjects. I'm even enjoying English more than maths....and I dont like English D: I'm even liking Jap extension more than maths =="


Anyway, my gran will be leaving earlier than me to China and her flight's tomorrow ==" Good bye decent food for 2 months @_@ Gonna be so forever alone at home by myself :'((((