July 27, 2009@12:26 AM
back from Canton/Guangzhou ... whatever you want to call it.
it was so fun and time flied *-*
we didnt go out much... stayed in;watched dvds;played wii;sleep(:
although so much has happened...i cant really remember what i actually did >.>
but yea..

watched harry potter at the cinema and it was.....ok
everyone was so old, especially malfoy and harry potter.
ron just looked sick.
i still give it a 4 out of 5 but it lost one because there wasnt much action to it-
just talk talk talk talk talk.

omgomg. there was this really really super extremely weird hard-to-resist-a-laugh woman on the train coming back to hongkong today^^
she was reading a magazine that was on the train all serious and stuff...but it was upside down
she was either propbably weird or was someone who couldnt work out when something looked upside down =]

school on tuesday NOOOOOOOOO
couldnt get an earlier ticket so missing a day of school^^
hope they dont do too much stuff on the first day or ill have to catch up D:
the holiday ends too fast,
ngaww im gonna miss hongkong when i go back to old boring australia

lol. getting tired now.
going to sleep now.

July 15, 2009@7:42 PM
We went to disneyland yesterday-it was SO fun!
we went on nearly all the rides;even the merry-go-round thingy 8D
the 'alice in wonderland' women looked too old to be alice tho...
we watched the fireworks at night-they were so bright

we were so retarded in the souvenir sho
at first we were like
omg that person over there is so weird. @_@
He's taking a picture of himself wearing the mickey hat
but then in the end, we were taking even more pictures of ourselves wearing mickey, stitch and even goofy hats.

we got home;everyone was so tired.
i was tired.
i was so tired i had to write this blog today and not that night.

im still kind of tired now, but oh well...

boss episode 5 subbed was out on dramacrazy today *^^*
i was DYING [not literally] to see this episode.
yes. im such a big drama-holic
but i dont like korean dramas so im more of a J-dramaholic
back to boss; it was so good and i found out something interesting in the preview
shida mirai is in the nxt episode.
i dont really like her that much, but she is a very good actor -.-

wont be able to blog for quite a time after this coz im going to Guang Zhou and i dont have a computer there, so im gonna die [literally] from lack of dramas and You tube ):

byebye (:

July 14, 2009@10:41 AM
In honkie right now...
so nice here;with so many ppl around
its summer here so its really hot and we're polluting the earth coz our air con's on.
"im so sad XP"
its so cold sitting here *-* maybe ill move...
there's a garden downstairs;with a pretty playground and stuff

maybe upload another post up later this afternoon^^
since im going to HONG KONG DISNEYLAND

@1:18 AM

this is so weird

im talking to myself o.O

*clears throat* well... i'll try my very best to ramble on (:

never knew what to write in blogs; i saw my friend's blog and it just looked all nice and decorated

yes i signed up because i wanted something pretty to decorate^^

*sigh* how i love coloured things.

anyway - this is my first post

no. have to go to sleep soon.