August 30, 2011@10:04 PM

I'm gonna sleep now. I'm tired from trying to study. 以上

August 27, 2011@8:37 PM
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omg Jang Geun Seok is gonna be on Ikemen Desu Ne (japanese remake of Your Beautiful) Tae Kyung meets Ren :O omo I must watch :3

LOL my grandma finally took over the tv to watch stuff after I've been watching one piece for the past idk how many hours :L It's too good. I can't stop. I know I should be studying for my piano exam but it's weekend. I'm not in study mood.

Hehe downloading this week's VSA right now. But I don't know why this week's HnA isn't up yet :( I was looking forward to downloading it since it's full of Sakuraiba ♥ Seeing my otp is always ovaries-explode worthy :3 お楽しみ(´・ω・`)

After tutor I went walking around chats again with gran. First we walked around target and I bought a really cheap (and I love cheap shit ;D) floral playsuit/jumpsuit/I have no idea what it's called. THEN WE WENT TO COLES AND BOUGHT PAVLOVA YERHYERHYERH. It was so nice and my gran made coffee with it LOL I like sweet stuff okay

August 26, 2011@10:26 PM
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I have piano exams this coming Friday. I'm so fucking screwed. That is all. I'm gonna continue watching one piece now. k

August 19, 2011@10:03 PM

Finally have time to blog. I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday to get my braces tightened again, but it was also my dad's birthday so we were gonna stay out in the city to eat. But my dentist appointment ended at 4.30 so it was still too early to go eat so my dad asked me what I wanted to do so I said I wanted to look around Kinokuniya 8D

At first, I was just gonna look around and see what magazines there were and if Nippon no Arashi was in stock so I have an idea of what I'm going to buy next time I go to Kino :3 but yea my dad was in a good mood I guess so when I asked if I could buy it, he said yes 8D But it's also probably because it's a book and not just some random magazine. I was wanting to buy this since last holidays but haven't gotten time to go the city :/

When we got to Musashi (japanese restaurant) I asked for my book, which I gave to my grandma to put in her bag because my bag is stuffed with my books and random crap and I didn't want to kill the book, and my grandma just (not gently) put it on the table. I was like "NOOO be more gentle~~!" and she just gave me a you're-too-exaggerated look. Haha but my dad kept saying, "so these 5 things (roughly translated from chinese so yerh) are the reason why your japanese is so good. Very well then, at least this obsession isn't for nothing" lol at least he didn't stop my obsession :3

Yesterday was Crystal's birthday and we had a party and a surprise present for her. She was so happy when she saw what it was - she was opening the last layer of wrapping and when she opened a little revealing the box she actually screamed LOL. Glad that gamer like it :3

On a not so happy note, I felt shit today == I woke up feeling like I want to throw up even though I hadn't even eaten anything yet. I ate my dumplings at recess because all throughout Jap, I actually had been hungry. But in english, after recess, I just threw it all up == Then I went to sick bay and went home :/

It's been a long time since I went/stayed home because I was sick because my immune system is good, but I have a crap immune to the cold and a really crap digestive system TAT And even if I have a cold or fever or something, I usually still go to class, like last time when I had a bad headache :/ but I feel better now after some congee and a nap :P Gonna sleep early tonight and wake up earlier tomorrow to wash my hair because I couldn't be bothered today.

Anyway, tutor tomorrow and as always, I haven't done the homework :S Maybe I'll do it tomorrow...or not :S

and I'm craving Mcdonalds right now for some reason == even though my stomach is still kinda in knots right now :L

...and an urge to cut my hair back into a straight fringe O_O should I...

August 15, 2011@7:05 PM
Last Thursday we went to Canberra for history class. It was actually pretty fun although getting up at 4.45 in the morning on Thursday to make it to school by 6.30 was not fun at all ==" Luckily, my dad's back so I didn't have to train it since he could drive me^^

The bus was so quiet at first, probably because everyone was tired and sleepy from having to wake up early. I downloaded Arashi's 5x10 anniversary tour so I was quietly watching my husbands 10 year anniversary concert :3 But then my friends started singing LOLOL sorry lah denise, when my group starts singing, it's pretty hard to stop them. Well, at least we were on tune most of the time, unlike the people at the back -___-

The first day of Canberra was quite interesting actually. We looked at the embassies, went to the national museum, and electoral education thingy and searched up some of the teacher's addresses ;) Then we went to the High Court of Australia, which wasn't really that interesting. After finally getting back to the motel, we went to our cabins and at first we couldn't get the lights to turn on in the other room. But we soon figured out that we had to put the card in for the light to turn on :L Since our group has 11 people we had to split our group into a people cabin (the one I was in) and a 5 people cabin. THEY'RE CABIN WAS SO NICE OMG D: They had a full hotel like cabins with a full kitchen and other shit D:so unfair (ノд-。) But oh well, it was nice that the musical people were all in our cabin so it was really fun actually^^ After dinner, we went to laser tag. It was my first time playing laser tag so I was pretty happy to get 9th :L I kept getting hit by denise D: WAEEEE?!

After coming back from a tiring day of gaming, we took our turns showering - I was 5th and angela went to sleep right after. So we migrated to the other room as not to disturb her sleep. Mish was busy writing her travel diary thing so the four of us started playing card games. Some time near 11 or 12 Mish went to sleep so we continued playing in that room. We slept at 4 that night/day(?) playing Kent and Caught (not sure how to spell it) because we kept on saying 'Okay we'll go to sleep once we figure out your signal' but that didn't work since we just kept on saying 'okay one more'. My eyes didn't really look swollen when we got up, BUT IT FELT SWOLLEN D: But meh it's camp. They're supposed to be like that =w=

That whole day was kinda boring, since we kept having to listen to boring political crap but also because we were all tired from staying up. The last stop was War memorial. idk...I like war memorials 8) There were so many chinese tourists especially kids and I was just thinking why can't my relos come visit me :( We finally left for Sydney afterwards and I was so tired I just got on the bus and started sleeping until we got close to Mcdonalds for the 'comfort stop' afterwards it was just hilarious listening to people get high and singing :L

My dad was late to pick me up from school that night ==" but good thing it was in the south, so there were a lot of stars :) I was so tired I went home, took a shower and went straight to bed. time 8) very pic heavy :L I looked shit in the luvos I took with denise so yerh I'll upload two photos I have of her ;) muahahaha

August 8, 2011@8:43 PM

aiba you adorable idiot ♥ I need to catch up with all the variety show episodes D: I'm so behind since I don't really watch them on the train anymore x( Shall watch them tomorrow when I get to school!

So, my dad's back. And first thing he said to me was... so have you grown taller?

duh no. does it look like I'm gonna grow any taller? ==" and then he said my husbands (on my wall) were ugly :( Dad, you just insulted your son in laws. LOL.

I have my pe dance tomorrow ._. I have a feeling it's gonna fail. really badly. I'm gonna go prepare and cut the song before I forget @_@

August 7, 2011@7:28 PM

PONPONPON - Kyary pamyu pamyu. yabai this song is stuck in my head o_o Techno songs always get stuck in my head ._.

Chu Chu - moumoon. This PV is so cute :3 moumoon is so cute :3

There is gonna be a writing competition at chinese school soon ==" I really hate writing....and this year's theme was so vague I have no idea what to write. The theme is '效率' (efficiency) and the teacher (I'm not sure if she was joking or not) said we have to write 500 words O_O WOMAN I CAN'T EVEN WRITE 500 WORDS IN ENGLISH LET ALONE CHINESE D: I think max would be like 150 words ==" I'm gonna fail.

Canberra in 4 days^^ I'm gonna be so dead in the morning though x__x I have to wake up at like 5 or something @_@ Anyway, gonna finish watching National Treasure now :3

August 6, 2011@11:55 PM

MY PHOTOSHOP WORKS AGAIN!! :D Update at neonworms :) can't link it because for some reason my layout rejects links ==" I shall try fix this problem later :/

I had tutor today. I couldn't finish my tutor homework though, so I just handed in week's 1's homework which I forgot to hand in last week. After tutor, we went to CYC to listen to my friend winge about his complicated and 'stressful' life LOL and eat - the people working there made yummy hotdogs and tomato and cheese sandwich things :3 I swear I'm getting better at pool :D Even though I do rely on flukes a lot :/ I'm still learning XD

I've been downloading alot lately. My torrents finally finished downloading^^ But I've downloaded HP Deathly Hallows part 2 twice already and they were both shit quality so now I'm hoping this one will be high quality =="

Anyhoo, I'm gonna sleep soon. My eyes are starting to droop.

August 2, 2011@9:34 PM
I went to help out the regional athletics today (´∀`)It was pretty fun actually :3

My friend told me the bus came at 8 so I had to wake up early today ==" When I got to school, the bus hadn't come yet, so I was waiting for it with my friend. But then she got a call from someone saying that we were supposed to wait outside Kogarah High. So we had to walk back and wait there. When the bus did come, we went on and the bus left after the teacher came. But a few people were late so they actually missed the bus and ended up having to catch another bus.

It was so cold in the morning at first, but our jobs were to sort and give out certificates at the table, which was in the sun so by the end of the day, it got pretty hot and I swear one side of my face is darker than the other. I think.

It was so confusing at first because this was the first time I was helping out but then my friend, who had helped out many times before explained it to me so as time passed, we got the hang of it XD. Although sometimes it can get pretty hectic when we got handed lots of sheets at once to get sorted out and sometimes people might come and ask for their certificate or certificates. Those times are just a never ending 'So what was your name again....and age.', it was pretty fun and I'm not that fond of Tuesday's lessons anyway. I wanna help out next year as well :3

I have a glossary test for commerce tomorrow TTATT So screwed. I've just been staring at the sheet all night and I haven't gotten past the second definition ==" WAE INTERNET? WAE MUST YOU BE SO INTERESTING WHEN I HAVE WORK TO DO?! D: