November 22, 2011@7:22 PM
Its raining again. Spring is supposed to be the season where everythings happy and bright, not gloomy and depressing. I guess I'm just having another one of those days when I just feel tired and sad and feel like I want to watch some sad drama or movie so I can get emotional and tear up.

not my best day, really.

ahhh....I haven't blogged for a I have my net back^^

So, we went to Luna Park today for a maths excursion. It was so fun omg ._. I'm still kinda high from the adrenaline rush from the rides today. When we went on the first ride, which was this spinny thing (I have no idea what it was called lol) me and my friend decided that we were gonna go on the rides today together in pairs. And before the ride started It was 11:11 AM!!!! So we all made a wish before we went for the spin. I screamed so loud and my friend just kept laughing XD We were gonna go on every ride that was 'scary' so of course she made me go on the ranger :L IT WAS SO SCARY BUT FUN OMG. I swear I heard the chick say 'sit up straight and stick your stomachs out' so I did and the thing that came down on our stomachs wasn't loose but it wasn't that tight either. It was the scariest ride I've been on in ages O_O My friend told me to let go of the bars at the top but after a few scary attempt I finally let go and IT WAS AMAZING.

Anyway, I could go on forever about Luna Park, but I can't be bothered. So I left right after the marked the roll because I was meeting up with friends so we could go formal dress shopping (for her dress) After walking around for ages in Myer and David Jones, she finally found a dress she liked so we were gonna come back later for it. So we went to capitals afterwards to take purikuras and I can't believe she, being an asian has never been to capitols....So we stayed for a quite a while actually. SHE'S A NATURAL AT CRANES. At first she got this cat thing on the first go, so she was like Oh I'll get one for the two of you as well. But before one of my friend who had to go to work left, she could only manage to get one more, so she gave it to me. After my friend left we were like hmmmm....let's get one for him LOLOLOL After a few tries, I finally got one^^ But only one ==" She got another 3 bean keyring things for us lol. She's so good at it ==" or the machine's just biased ==" We also played Taiko at caps as well^^~

Now the adventure starts here XD We were gonna go back to town hall to get her dress so we decided to take the tram...we saw a tram and started running so we didn't have to wait. When we got on, we realised the train wasn't even on the same line as town hall ==" So we were like oh let's go to central then.....that train didn't go to central either ==" But the train ticket guy was so nice and didn't charge us for that one station trip. So we went to the other side to wait for a train to central. But I was taking the keyring thing off to swap it with my friend's one.....and I left it on the seat ==" We only noticed when we got on the tram... but luckily the guy was nice and didn't charge us either :L so we took the tram back to that station to get the keyring and luckily again, the guy didn't charge us cos we were just getting something :L we went back and forth 2 times =="

Finally, we made it back to town hall after taking the train but then myer was closed ==" so we were gonna have dinner at chatthai.....BUT NO THERE'S WAS THIS LONG ASS QUEUE TT Sooooo we decided to have something at george st. But then I got a call from my dad telling me to go home because my grandma didn't have keys to go back home ==" So we raced back home which is a 20 minute trek and apparently her keys broke :L legit :L But oh well we had dinner at this hong kong 'cha chan teng' place^^

I laughed so hard eating there :') At first when we went in the waiter guy was like (in chinese) 'How many people' so of course I answered in chinese....but then he probably thought my friend was chinese too (she's korean) so he gave us two chinese menus XDDD After asking him for an english menu, we both ordered congee and bubble tea.....we had no idea it was so massive O_O It was like......double a normal portion O_______O It was just way too big...when he brought it to us we were like.....wait wut??! :OOOOOO But in the end we didn't really finish it, and then my friend started 'drinking' the congee with the straw. After a while, she said to me, "That guy over there just gave me a weird look" Dude, if I saw a chick drinking congee I would give them a weird look. Of course, there was just too much congee so we couldn't finish it. So I asked the guy if he could bring us some takeaway boxes....he brought us takeaway cups O_O AND STRAWS so at first, I thought he was making fun of us for drinking the congee so whatever we just started putting the congee in the cups....after we filled them up, he was walking past and he said, "oh.....I thought you wanted to takeaway the drinks, not the congee. sorry I'll bring you some takeaway boxes" We couldn't stop laughing, and when we went to leave, I was like, "Sorry (for being annoying)"

It's funny because people think I've known the two of them for ages since I seem really close with them, but I've only known them for a few weeks XD I guess it's just that if you get along with someone, you just will and if you don't get along with someone, no matter how long you've known them, you just won't be as close with them. I'm happy to have met you two ♥

I'm really tired right now (physically), but my heart is still beating really fast for some reason.... maybe I'm still high....shit ==" I don't think I'll be able to sleep properly tonight TTATT BUT I'M SLEEPYYYY~~~~

Anyway, gonna go watch HnA now ==" I'M SO BEHIND ON ARASHI STUFF BECAUSE OF STUPID TPG AND STUPID SC TTATT Now I need to catch up. Toodles. (I hope I can sleep tonight ==")