April 29, 2012@3:38 PM

So I came back to Sydney on Wednesday and as soon as I stepped out of the airport, Sydney's typical weird freezing and sunny weather welcomed me ==" WAE IS IT SO COLD HERE... maybe I'm just so used to China weather haha.

Only had 2 days of school until weekends but even so, I was so tired. How am I gonna survive the weeks to come -o- oh well next week is bludgey. We only have one day of class since it's athletics carnival on Tuesday then camp for the rest of the 3 days ^o^

yerhyerhyerh camp's gonna be epic but I counted the groups...and I'm probably gonna be alone ==" foreveralone.jpeg TTATT

I went out for dinner in the city yesterday but this lesson teaches us that we shouldn't look for food too late; spent half an hour walking around the city looking for a place to eat since there was a line everywhere we went to :( but in the end we found a nice japanese restaurant^^

Then of course we went to karaoke and this time we went to another place called CEO OMG THAT PLACE IS GOD IT HAS (nearly) ALL THE MVS TO THE SONGS XDXDXD so of course I sang Arashi AHAHAHAHAHA

Oh and one more thing, after coming back from China, I've started to like c-pop again, especially May Day 五月天 :3 Probably from spending my afternoons either watching drama and bleach or the China MTV channel hahaha

Anyway, I shall watch The Voice now. :3 it's so good :3

April 1, 2012@12:25 AM

Hello. It's been a while. lol. I've been just plain lazy. I know. But I was busy too-ish. So much has happened.

I finally cosplayed for the first time IT WAS SO FUNN!!!! Cosplaying is addictive :/ Seeing all the super pro cosplayers make you want to be as pro as them. I need to find myself a nice purple wig when I go to China :/ and maybe nice bottom falsies....and blue/purple contacts and dolly wink eyeliner cos all the other ones smudge on my retarded eyes $_____$

....and hair dye x____x
omo I need a job~

Another thing that's making me busy lately. I caught up to Skip Beat a few weeks before and I started reading HunterXHunter since I was like meh the anime finished at such a cliffhanger might as well read the manga. FUUUUAAAHHH IT'S SO GOOD OMG SO MUCH MORE DETAIL THAN THE ANIME...so much more graphical scenes ;D Anyway I can't put it down once I start dammit ==" I need to download as many chapters as possible before I go to Hong Kong so I can read it on the plane or whenever I'm bored :L

Anyway I should sleep now. I can't believe I just spent an hour on 9gag.... give me back my soul please? :(