October 19, 2012@11:05 PM

I've abandoned Jpop for so long now ._. but after hearing this song I remember why I liked them so much again ^^~

This week was our first week of year 12 classes. Somehow I've survived..... but I have a feeling I will go through the same I-hate-maths-so-much-omg phase ==" I've had such good teachers these 5 years..... WHY NOW?! WHY ON THE LAST YEAR?! WHYYYYYYY?!!

I miss my 3unit class so much :'( I was so depressed the other day thinking about how I'll be stuck in that pigeon #2's class for a year more and how much fun I would be in if I dropped down to 3unit.......TTATT

Compared to maths, I'm pretty okay with my other subjects. I'm even enjoying English more than maths....and I dont like English D: I'm even liking Jap extension more than maths =="


Anyway, my gran will be leaving earlier than me to China and her flight's tomorrow ==" Good bye decent food for 2 months @_@ Gonna be so forever alone at home by myself :'((((

October 7, 2012@3:30 AM
It is technically Sunday right now.......so school is starting again tomorrow TTATT

I really need to study this time ==" I really need to get my shit together ==" I WANNA COSPLAY NEXT YEAR DAMMIT :'( I even bought red shorts for chopper :( since my ones were....... hrmm..... dodgey

And I said I would read a book these holidays.......;A;

I went to the beach on Thursday with my gran and dad but I was an idiot == Didn't think it would really be that hot so I wore mid sleeved shirt and legging ==" I was melting D: but we sat in the shade near the beach so it was nice and breezy :')

We went to high tea yesterday since my mom actually got these coupons. It was......not that nice actually D: It was a rip-off D: and the service is crap, but anyway when we finished we sat there for a while and then a huge group of people came in and my dad started laughing. So I asked him why he was laughing.
Dad (in chinese): stupid peope. So many stupid people.
so mean :')

Anyway spent these two nights on synchtube with friends :L So much more fun watching videos at the same time as other people even if it's just music videos ^^

Anyway I shall sleep now ._. it's 3.30 am now since it's daylight saving Q_Q

October 4, 2012@9:34 PM

Kuuuuuuuuu I've left my blog to rot and die D: Nya~ I will try to save you again >A<

It's still holidays right now after a hectic few weeks of studying, tests, studying, more tests, more studying, tests, last minute sewing (literally). Then came Animania, karaoke, Cosplay bbq, and lazing around and doing nothing in between. School's soon (year 12) and I need to get my shit together =="

But these one and a half week was fun^^ Cosplaying and meeting new people (aka creeping people out; my specialty) and speaking jap with my friends LOLOLOL I want to cosplay next year TTATT I hope my gran's gonna let me go to Smash 2013 :( I got a 'no' at first but meh persuading people is what I'm good at.

Aishh but if I want to cosplay next year I really need to study hard.... Studying for the Prelims was the most I've studied my whole life D: First time to actually sit down for the whole day and (with minimal procrastination) study :L Studying for maths was fine :L I actually kinda enjoyed it but eco and physics was a betch :/ MUST GET PUMPED FOR NEXT TERM D8