December 15, 2013@12:15 AM

Today was The Japanese Matsuri Festival in Sydney and I had a chance to wear my yukata^^ Thankfully the weather wasn't too hot (and when I say too hot I mean so hot I can cook an egg on the ground) and there was still a breeze so it wasn't too suffering wearing a yukata. The annoying thing was keeping the yukata together since it didn't really want to cooperate, especially against the wind. 

Overall, I didn't really do much today except for sitting outside Chinese gardens for pretty much the whole day. A few of us kept saying we wanted to go to karaoke but didn't end up going because no one moved. But we should've just went because we just ended up spending the next few hours sitting around doing pretty much nothing. 

Then we finally decided to go to have dinner at a pho place :3 I want to try the tomato rice with crispy chicken next time but every time I go to a pho place I always end up ordering pho :L

Then we went for desserts MYY PARFAIIITTTT :3 I felt so tired already though so I just went home after I finished my parfait :L Part of the reason why I didn't stay a little longer was also because I suddenly felt so antisocial and wanted to go home and snuggle with my dolls and watch anime lol /slapped

So I did just that :3 Got home, took a shower and snuggled up with my cute alpaca (unko-chan) and watching D. Gray-man. Allen is just so cute :3

I'm actually so tired. But moving to my bed takes effort and I ceebs. aishh. I should just download Hunter x Hunter episodes and just sleep outside in the living room while watching it.