December 4, 2013@8:48 PM

So I didn't end up going to karaoke today because my stomach decided to be a massive bitch and start a war with my throat. I don't even know what I ate to make it do that. Well I went out for afternoon tea yesterday with a friend since she happened to be around my suburb at that time and she hadn't eaten lunch yet so might as well just bum a bit. We ate 'baby chicken' (吊烧春鸡) haha it was pretty hilarious because I was just about to explain to her that it wasn't really 'baby chicken' and that they just worded it badly. But then spring chicken is basically 'baby chicken' so not really much I could say about it.

So yeah, I was pretty bloated after finishing dinner and I should've known better than to stay up late. I had massive heartburns around 1 and I was just gonna sleep it off but of course, that's not how life works. I thought maybe I would feel better after I throw up. hah nope.

Threw up twice


So, I'm staying home today and eating congee. Even if I did feel better I don't think I would've survived 5 hour k with a dead throat. I guess that means I'll organise another one next week. Oh well I guess it's good too since it'll be before our group dinner and I can go buy my kk present then.

Speaking of presents, I still haven't bought my tutor a present and visited her yet. I feel so bad :/ It's not like I don't want to visit her; I do I really do but I want to get her a present too because she's just been the best teacher and friend I could ever ask for. So I didn't want to visit her empty handed. So I'm still deciding what to get her :/

I came home today to two cute little lorikeets ahhhh I fed then some bread haha but they left the bread crumbs on the floor lol ungrateful betches. It was so cute when one of them came back a while after :3 But when mum tried to take a picture and walked outside, it got scared and flew away :')