November 29, 2009@12:32 PM
it was EPIC yesterday; we went to the city (:

i had piano lesson yesterday with alicia; as in aural and sight reading and stuff; it started at 7.30; at first it started off with going to the train station to find they had stupid trackwork so i had to take the bus; i got on the bus but the driver wasnt here yet so we had to wait; then this 肥佬 (fat guy) got on and sat next to me; oh wellz; he got off the next stop^^ the lesson ended at about 9.30 and alicia's mum said she could take me home; so we were gna play with jedy for a while longer; but then it ended up being 10.45 ==" then jane asked us if we wanted to come to the pharmacy to visit his husband, i was kinda thinking if i should coz it was really late >_______<" but we still went; we were just gna eat a little there but jane suggested that we go to the city to have 'siu ye' thinking we'll be too chicken; I ASKED MY GRAN IF I CAN GO; i had permission; we went to wagaya and ate alot of yummy stuff; after that we went to cold rock to eat ice-cream; i was so full  o________o

and yerh...

i had fun yesterday ^&^ i got dribbled on by jedy so much that i didnt even mind anymore ;DD

November 28, 2009@12:44 PM
it's too hot; can't think =="

i cbb update blog anymore; but 阿哥 (AKA 阿叻)told me to update so why not...

STUPID BLOGGER ISNT WORKING AGAIN ==" always happens; then i hav to wait and wait; once i waited for a whole month; and i was making a ilovetoast template >_____< so im trying to make a template out of scratch; as in actually learn the html stuff; god my heads gna blow up; and im still up to the basic stuff; not even up to how to put a header o.o

yesterday was medieval morning and the guy was funny but lame; after school i had theory; but jane didnt make us food today ):

got home; went on fb and saw that kimbo tagged me in a foto; watched you're beautiful ep15 and went back on facebook to find 43 notifications >.> then when i went on today, there was even more *-* i should untag myself

i really cant be bothered to make this post all pretty and colourful coz my lunch is waiting for me (:

yummy pasta is waiting for me^

November 21, 2009@9:12 PM
it was really freaky at theory yesterday; REALLY FREAKY

i swear im not making this up; when we went down to the garden, we went past some bushes; there's a small space there where it is connected to an office (with glass between) but it was so freaky coz there was noone but the lights were on; there was a very long corridor; i just made us more freaked out making up a story about how this madman will jump out with a dagger and kill us all; yea crazy....

 dammit; it's sideways =="

but then it got really freaky so we went back in; the guy that was there before prolly went so there was noone there except us; there were two treadmills in the gym but we (all 4 of us) went on one treadmill >< now, the lights of that room was the ones you turn to make brighter; but then the lights suddenly dimmed and eventually went out and flickered; noone was there; i was v. freaked out

today was OKlar~ ns was boring like always and i watched a lot of dramas when i got back like always.

ONO havent started history yet *-* DENISE HAVE YOU STARTED YET?!

lool turtle got busted for putting the stalker fotos on ;DD 

November 16, 2009@10:16 PM
yesterday was funfun (: went to eunice's house and 玩到好开心。

距又乖又可愛^^ 好想再去啊~

i had tennis today; mr. hayden ( i think that's his name ), the younger tennis dude aka fake blonde with black eyebrows; we think he hates us now ><" it was BOILING today, so we were all kinda lazy, didnt wanna move and very VERY VERY tired; he looked a bit pissed when we just sat in the shade most of the time :P oh wellz...

it was really hot day today, so i went for a swim; tere were these two korean toddlers with their dad there; i think they thought we were japanese; やった!


yarh; i think that's all for today lar~ ima sleep now; NEED TO GROW TALLER (:

November 14, 2009@8:15 PM
i had dentist check-up on thursday; swine flu vaccine on friday; painful MUCH?!

i had a dental check-up on thursday; and also washed teeth there; not normal toothbrushtoothpaste wash; wibrating needle wash; it hurt so much; when te lady finished the bottom ones, she stopped to give me a rest...

lady: okay, now i'll let you rest a bit first; are you okay?
me: yeah.
*actually thinking*: NO!! why the hell would i be okay?!

i came home yesterday (friday) and my gran was like "you're having ur swine vaccine today"; i was shocked; i wasnt even ready; i was so scared D: the doc was this guy from my primary school's dad; in the end it didnt hurt; at all.

strawberry jelly was nice (Y)

YAHMAN!!! psycho blogger layout generator is working again^^

going to eunice's house tomorow; she recently got a dog so we're going to play with it (:

November 9, 2009@9:10 PM
it was gala day today; it was good; baskeball is awesome; team skittles is even more awesome (Y)

alot happened today so i'll start from the begining:

when we went on the bus - i was sitting with turtlea and kim dan was sitting with susie; they were talking to each other; FULL ON; so we decided to swap seats so i sat with susie; we were neglected ): but *dundundun music effect* susie was wrong to sit here; we were in front of wang; she liked spotto-ing and punching ppl; funfun for me; NOT funfun for susie :D it wasnt just yellow; it was yellow AND red.

when we got there the first thing we thought was; OHEMGEE why is everyone so tall?!; we went to our first game; dont remember who we were versing; dont care; but when i went on; coz their team were really rough and FOULey; so i ACCIDENTLY tripped a guy over *peace sigh* when we went over to court 3; that's when i realised there were really fobby guys there^^ when it came to us versing them; we were losing LIKE HELL; they were pro as; it was like hot shot with all the freestyle dribbling and stuff; so asian @.@ i was playing first; but me and amy bashed our heads together when we were trying to get the ball; my head + amy's head = bruise on MY head not hers; they were so good that they were walking to win; we were running; CHYEAH at least we got a goal; and we got to see fob guys ><

before we left; turtle managed to take stalker photos of the guys - from sylvania (the one before was caringbah) and when we got on the bus - we waved; they waved back :)

now i regret being a chicken and not saying hi...

but it was an AWESOME day today; and i hope turtle can find those dude's fb's so i can add them /hehe

November 7, 2009@9:06 PM
i was freaking myself out watching CHUCKY; i didnt even end up finishing it coz its face was so freaky; i hate dolls with freaky smiles!!!

it was 7-Eleven day today; my gran said i could go home with Gina; i forgot it was 7-Eleven day so i told gran that i would be A LITTLE late coz i was planning on just going for slushie but i ended up walking around chatswood; my gran doesnt even know... 

first we went to 'Miss'; they had a lot of cute stuff; nancy was looking for a birthday present for her bf; then we went to 'rocking rolls' coz gina wanted sushi; then we went to morning glory to get the prez; she got him a teddy; at last we went to slushie; there were so many ppl lining up at the 7/11 shop near lemon grove; but we went to the other one 50 m away and there was NOONE; we said an awkward "Happy 7-Eleven Day' and got our slushie; then i suggested taking a picture; bu there was no mirror; so we walked all the way to lemon grove just to go to their toilet to take a picture; 

me: let's take a picture, but there's no mirrors
gina: there's a huge mirror in lemon grove
me: really >.> *confused* why would they have a mirror there...

[at lemon grove]
nancy: so where's the mirror?
gina: it's on the top floor. the toilet
me: well that's original *sarcasm*

 we took so many photos 8D it was so fun! 

November 4, 2009@10:16 PM
i slept in a really dodgy position yesterday and now my arm hurts -o-

i really should be staying off the computer coz i still have to do science; english; ns; and chink stuff; so much to do D:

performance test thingy is tomorow. maybe; i think i'll manage; idk; im doing renae's accompaniment; so many people asked o.O im too nice^^ 

we had to do the stupid pop song thing; i knew which song i was gna do but i cbb do it; so i made it up on the spot; voss said it was good o.o surprising really...

A little faith Brightens a rainy day
Life is difficult you can't go away
Don't hide yourselves in the corner
You have my place to stay

Sorrow is gonna say goodbye
Opens up You'll see the happy sunshine
Keep going on with your dream
Chasing tomorrow's sunrise
The spirit can never die

Sun will shine my friend
Won't let you cry my dear
Seeing you shed a tear
Make my world disappear
You'll never be alone in darkness

See my smile my friend
We are with you holding hands
You have got to believe
You are my destiny
We've meant to be your friends
That's what a friend should be


November 3, 2009@9:18 PM
yes; laugh at me all you want ==" i PKed and cracked my phone

MY DAD IS A FUCKING PK; i really hope he goes and dies in hole and leave me alone; im not joking; he's not even worth me calling my dad; i needed to finish gay science, then he comes in and asks me questions and distracts me; i just tell him to ask me later and he throws a spazz at me for not having good manners and how im not gonna survive in work when i grow up; SHIT MAN LEAVE ME ALONE; i already wasted 30 minutes of my time helping YOU type up a gay shit note; what else do you want; that's one reason why i hate it when he gets a day-off or when he goes on holidays with us; then there's him and 'his' computer and me not allowed to use it; SHIT MAN i mean it's not even his, it's leslie's; he doesnt even know how to use properly =="

man; i need anger management *-* i want to slap someone really hard on the face right now ><

god i feel dead ._.

November 2, 2009@10:12 PM
i cbb write too much today =="

i finished tests todays^^; happy me; still have to catch up on science work thought; damn that duffy you PK; swapped seats today so crys and susie stayed where they were and i just went to join them; they were prolly too lazy to move ._.

trying to look for new blogger layout generator; psycho's getting boring -o-

lol; i was just reading someone elses blog; they said that if you drop toast (L) with butter, it will always land on the butter side - and if you drop a cat, it wll always land on its feet; then he/she asked ...

what if you glued toast on the back of a cat? how will it fall?
answer = it doesnt. I will keep on rotating and rotating
and yes i read stranger's blogs coz im a bothered child