December 28, 2013@2:01 PM
2 days ago we embarked on a journey (sorry) to Europe trip and it is 4.30am in Athens, Greece right now. I slept at 9 since I was so tired and jet lagged so I have no idea what to do now since I'm already awake but I don't think Takhobelle is. Maybe I'll just stay under the covers and read some manga lol

The plane trip was so tiring == We flew from Sydney to Singapore, Singapore to Zurich and finally Zurich to Athens. I couldn't really get much sleep during the 13 hour Singapore to Zurich flight because I felt sick like I was gonna throw up so I only managed to 'sleep' for about 6 hours. But what really surprised me was they had Nazotoki wa dinner no ato de on the flight entertainment system for SWISS AIR. I couldn't sleep so I finished watching Cry playing to the moon and cried a litre. Then I watched Nazodin ahhhhh Sho chan is just so cute ;w;

But the lack of sleep and constantly rubbing my eyes because of lack of sleep made my eyes really red. I was so sleep deprived I felt like I was still swaying on the plane :L A bed has never felt so damn comfortable before. I think I fell asleep within a few minutes because I don't even remember my room buddy turning her light off. 

HAHAHHAA and I found a photo of me sleeping on my phone so either a ghost snuck in during the night and took a photo of me or takho did.  I'm sure it was the latter :')

So today, we'll be going sightseeing of course and I hope my camera doesn't run out of battery because I didn't charge it after yesterday. yea... maybe I should go charge it now.