September 29, 2009@9:01 PM

...for me that is^^

i woke up so early today ._. i woke up at 5.30 planning to catch the 6.33 train but i ended up to be earlier than that and caught the 7.19 or something train; at first i thought it would only be a little early; no biggy; but i arrived at the station at 7.08; NOTE: my tutorials are at 7.50; so i had nothing to do until then =="

first 2 periods were science; gayy then it was that stupid prefect thing and the stupid seniors in front full on pushed their chairs back so we had like near no legroom; denise crossed her legs o.O

after commerce, it was food tech; we had to do cleaning -o- we were retardedly taking pictures; we windex shot amy aka hitler when thodey walked out the door *-* payback for putting soap in my hair -.-

going to hk tmrw; plane at 2 i think... i bought so much junk food today - just for eating on the plane XP; i bought coles brand milk bottles coz i couldnt find another brand >.>

when i got to school i randomly took a pretty picture of kogarah; i know; LAME

happy holidays minna-san^^

September 26, 2009@6:49 PM
beware denise i stalk your blog :D

Today was BORING; it was the usual saturday routine and north shore; but i was funny in the morning though ^^

There was a small dust storm starting again this morning; my dad was all hectic and closed all the windows and doors there are; it was boiling;and my mum was all annoyed coz she had the sniffies because of the sudden hotness; pardon me if i dont make sense

last week of the term of ns today; proud of myself coz i got trophy and certificate for getting highest score of maths ><; but i fully stuffed the english; worst i ever got =="

i was on denise's blog when i came across this link; papertissue; there were lots of pretty pictures and i found this one that was really cute and flossy-like^^

still trying to take pretty pictures*

have to go do my maths assignment thing; byee (:

September 25, 2009@9:33 PM
i had 小笼包 yesterday; it was yummilicious^^

 i was in the city with mum and gran and we went to this shang restaurant and had so much food; I was so so hungry and busy eating the 小笼包's that i forgot to take a picture of them; when i remembered to take pictures, it was already the 3rd thing we ordered...

It was Miss Wu's last day teaching us today; we got her a card and everyone signed it; when we gave it to her; she cried and everyone was like 'ngaww'; she said we were the best class she's ever had nod nod

It was such an asian lunch today o.O; denise  阿叻 came to sit with us coz jamila mummy was a duke of ed; our conversations were all in canto and even flossy came to join in (: then we were talking about laughing at people's misfortune; michelle said it's bad so i said, "what would you do if Mr. Morris fell down the stairs?"; she burst into laughter *-*

i just found out that one of the teachers at my primary passed away with breast cancer ): 

rewatching coraline with my friend ><; so creepy =="

maths assignment and stage 4 for the sugar thingy; GOSH so much homework!!! 

weekends again^^;so i be watching dramas now 88

September 23, 2009@7:04 PM
It was so freaky today; I woke up and it was like the end of the world ><;

the chairs on the train was all dusty and the air smelled like chalk; i had a sniffy nose today T^T; a little less than half the class didnt come today; denise you wagger; bludged the whole lesson of maths and watched devil wears prada for the whole double of english^^; funny stuff;

we were  skipping like little children today; i did my first ever successful double jump thingy dont know what it's called; but we had fun (:

it's still windy and cold outside and i dont feel like going to school tmrw; but guess what? i have to; lost my jumper ran away; prolly yr 9 took it; stupid yr 9-ers =="

homework piling up; need to nerd 8D

cant be bothered blogging; finishing my unwatched episodes of bleach; so lastly i'll present you this picture that joyce told me to delete :D

[what the hell is she pointing at anyway?]

September 19, 2009@7:03 PM
i had north shore today; and i got 39 out of 40 for maths^^; i feel nerdy (:

still learning about blogger templates; and trying to make one;but epikk failing ><";"; it was unusally quiet today; there was a fight between two of my friends; i think;fully failed in english; got 25 out of 40; how sad :(

stupid net stuffed up today;couldnt get it to work all day until now *-*; it was so boring this morning when i didnt have net; proof that i cant live without internet 8); NEED PHOTOSHOP; stupid cd that i brought on china doesnt work @_@

havent been taking any pictures lately; cant be bothered;  i need to do wide reading D: need to do two; how stupid; havent even finished the first one; finishing it now

crys is at latin camp; sadi trinity didnt go; what a shame! "the guys were all anglos"; probably the hosts; i wish we had a camp thingy to japan; fortstreet gets to go;


gina's doing much ado about nothing too :D; poor gina; manly selective dont get half yearlies and yearlies; lucky peoples

the stars are pretty tonight; i was looking at them from my balcony*

nothing much was going on today; nothing to write about; so i'll stop (:

September 18, 2009@10:01 PM







song sang in  music today^^

@9:46 PM
today was funny day today;that didnt make sense =="

first it was history;stupid sub teacher;made it even more boring;then it was Musikk;it was like chink school in there;learning chinese music so teacher taught us how to sing jasmine flower;i was looking for someone who looked troubled the whole time though...

playing the actual song was fun;miss wu let michelle try to conduct and me and renae renae and I laughed so much that we stuffed up ): - especially because after mish is gone IM THE ONLY TRUMPET!!! 

Then we had demo for food tech;btw beef kofta looks like shi*t;literally;horse manure;too much information?

but yea;finally friday;sleep in;drama;fb-ing;busybusybusy (:

template still looks dodgy;meh!;i dont give ><;run out of ideas for photography;depressing :(

i think i've rambled on enough;go watch dramas now;

September 16, 2009@9:55 PM
that's how i laugh in writing;is it THAT weird?;maybe i should stop...

today was funfunfun;susie and kimbo li's combined party NOT BIRTHDAY *-*;i brought drinks;and other people brought other stuff;i was so full - and fatty -o-;had to go swimming in the afternoon coz i felt like such a pig;UNFORTUNATELY;running away was fun;and funny;and wang yelling SUSIE when we nearly stuffed it;actually, we did stuff it;the cake person ran into susie and was like "OOPS";yes, a very successful surprise *cough cough*

made a twitter^^;still dont get it though...i was nerding with english homework tonight 8);i feel like such a good girl;dont believe me?;oh well

i made another blog thingy for photos i took and edited...some of them was just edited though... but i like :D
let's end with a picture i made^^

September 13, 2009@10:37 AM
*sigh* it's been so long since i blogged T^T;so long since there was not much homework;not none;I'm trying to blog at least once every week but i keep on forgetting to ==''

putting that aside;i'm gonna make this blog a positive one;maybe;coz i was checking my blogs the other day when i realised it's very emo and negative;so here comes operation positive^^

so i was walking to north shore the other day;yes, im a nerd that does coaching;but then i saw these bunch of old men and women playing the bagpipes;it was some kind of festival thing coz there were stalls everywhere;they all wore skirts - it was hilarious 8D

i've been stalking denise's blog again;it's so pretty thought ><;she had Otsuka Ai's planetarium playing;i wonder how she knows that song;haha anyway I'll end the blog here and i'll try to blog tomorrow...

i said i'll try;じゃね~