April 9, 2011@12:32 AM
I shall be back on the 1st of May. Till then adieu.

It was the walkathon yesterday and it was so much fun. On the bus, people were all high and singing and when they got to the high part of Fireworks by katy Perry, it just went alsdkfaldkfh LOL

Me, bungaburra child and my hubby crystal started singing songs from our childhood. We got so tired by the time we reached school. Our group went to Rm 27 to feast on our picnic. At first one of the science teachers came in but he didn't tell us off but he said we could stay in here as long we clean up afterwards but we got kicked out afterwards by another teacher. Oh well. The shady spot we found afterwards outside was really nice too. We continued singing there haha. Our group is so musical LOL.

But yes I got my top braces done and my bottom braces tightened so I'm hurt everywhere right now. My feet hurt from walking the stupid 10 kilometres, my teeth and head hurts from braces and my arm hurts from the plastic burn I got from the jumping castle slide ==

But to sum it up IT WAS EPIC. It's amazing how our group can be so close and get along so well. We're all so different. We have the sporty one (bungaburra yang), the nerdy one (fish), the mom-like one (troungie), the gamer (my hubby crystal), the stoner gorilla IM JOKING (gorilla kim), the violent anime lover one (wang), the aggressive one ;D (fetus), the innocent halfie (goodwoman), the fob (LOL me), the horny one ;) LOLJKS (kimbo) and the TEEBEE (SHIII)

We're a crazy bunch but I lubs them :)

April 6, 2011@12:20 AM
Haven't blogged in a while. I have no time. -coughcough stop gaming you loser-

I had cross country today. Had to run 5 laps. I died. My legs died. My lungs died. And most of all my brain died and is still dead ==

I walked to the station at snail speed because my brain was still so slow == I hate running. SO UNFIT LOLOLOLOLOL.

Anyway, somehow I got gum stuck on my shoe and I asked my gran for a way to get it off. I was planning on doing it myself anyway, but NO she decided to full flame at me and tell me to stop relying on other people to do things for me. CALM YO FARM WOMAN I WAS GONNA DO IT MYSELF GEEZ.


Holidays in 3 days!! No school! No waking up early OMFG!!!
But on the down side, no more audition :( I'm gonna miss my audition bestie

Buh oh well, there's china to look forward to^^

I see stars tonight. :)