August 31, 2010@8:02 PM
Hehe I has the new layout :D But it looks screwed in IE D: YEEEE I don't like Internet Explorer :(

But anyway :) I LOVE STUDIO GHIBLI (L) and totoro (L)(L)

Today was a bludge :/ Started of with jap and playing spider solitaire and our epic drawings on paint (Y) Then it was Reis history == He went raging off at us for our ties again ^^" He has nothing better to do i swear -_-

But yehh I had a yummy recess and lunch today :D Had omelette and nutella bread (Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)

Hmm...not much to blog about and I should do my work now :/ I has science test on friday TTATT and i don't know how to do it D:

August 30, 2010@9:54 PM

Hehe I'm nearly done on my new layout - it's pretty noob but I want a cartoonish one since I'm being so anime obsessed lately >w<

But yes, a stranger:-

Nearly everyone started out as strangers. Everyone that I'm close to now, started off as strangers. Even best friends, started out as strangers. When a stranger walks past you on the street, you may think you'll never see them again, but somehow you may meet them again - maybe they'll become super uber close once you get to know them.

This letter is for you strangers out there that I'm going to meet and maybe get to know some day. See you then^^


August 27, 2010@8:07 PM
My dreams...hmm...

Well, my dream job is to do the type of job mythbusters people do :D To do crazy bu awesome experiments to test if stuff is myth of possible (Y) yerh im a proud nerd who isn't that smart 8(

My other dream job is actually to be a behind the scene staff of horror movies 8D To make fake arms and fake bloody stuff and just those special effects >:D

Being one of the actors would be awesome too >:D I wanna die a bloody death >:) or even be the killer MUAHAHAHA

but yesh...I still dont really know what I wanna be yet :S I'm still at the stage to be worrying about homework, tests and more homework @_@ so yerh...


Im like sleepy right now so this is gonna be kinda short :/

So yes, my brother...

I dont think he knows i have a blog and i hope he will never know O_O for now...

I was brought to China when i was 3 months so I didn't start getting to know my brother until when i was 4 and a half ish when I came back to Australia :) I was in kindy then and my brother was in year 6 - he played games with me heaps and i would always say the same thing when things didn't go my way, "Ah gor har ngor ah" xDD (translates into : Bro is bullying me)

hehe i was such a pro child 8D

But yes, but homework started piling up for him and he could no longer play with me so we got further and further apart :(

He moved out now and lives with his awesome girlfriend x)

The other day we talked and laughed about how I used to bite everyone including him when i was little ;DD it was fun and it pulled out memories :')

In conclusion, my bro's an awesome ghey child :')


August 20, 2010@11:54 PM
Hehe I have made another skin today and yesterday^^
Anyway I'm really tired now and I shall be sleeping after this blog so it wont be long :/
I'm going to riceRally tomorrow :) and I shall be taking my camera with me^^ YERHYERHYERH It shall be heaps of fun and if I can be bothered, I shall blog about it tomorrow ;)

but anyway, I'm very tired and sleepy after making that skin so Ima go bed now~ byebye parents probably (hopefully) wont find my blog but yea...

My parents are these awesome little creatures who gave birth to me on Mardi gras ^^"

Enough of that but I [HEART] MY FB PARENTS^^

My beautiful mommy goes by the name Geena^^ I met this awesome pretty child at north shore from my daddy nancy^^ She has huge huge huge huge eyes which she denies she has and an awesome prettay smile :D I love my mommy gina^^

My daddy, nancy is a player ;] she has already had 3 (actually more than that) wifeys and more just keep coming ;) She has a lot of awesome clothes and likes the ever so cool Shin-chan ;DD I love my daddy nancy ichigo 8D


August 18, 2010@8:54 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRYSTAL DARLING k3 I hope you have/had an awesome day today and get lots of presents and lai see $__$

Hehe we made a surpise party for crystal old man and angela today ^^" But yea...I didn't know it was for angela too so in the morning I was like to her...

me: Party today *does a hurray dance*
angela: It's not on O_O Esther said it wasnt on and I didn't even hear about it
me: really?! O_O *completely lost*
angela: yea >_>
in PDH...
me: Hey Erica is the party off? O_O
erica: no == wth
me: but angela said....
erica: WHAT? the party's FOR angela AND crystal
me: ...DAMMIT

yea, i was a bit slow -___-"

Hehe I should do my day 3 for 30letters but i cbb tonight so I shall do it tomorrow ;]

August 16, 2010@11:05 PM
Hmm crush :/ My crushes are weird one week is like considered long :L

I like someone...then it just suddenly fades away within a week ^^"

But yes my first crush was in pre-school; yes i know - pfft siff you'd understand then >_>
haha that's probably what everyone's thinking right now :DD but yea..maybe i didn't :P

But yes they are never that deep and never last long P: guess people in Australia just dont attract me enough @_@ jksjks :L

aiyah...such a short post because in my mind it's friends/family>love :S love can go die in a hole o.o


August 15, 2010@12:53 PM
Best friends are defined as (on google (:) "an especially close and trusted friend"

I love my tomodachis (L)

Starting with my husband crystal choi. I met her in year 7 and she was in my peer support group^^ We had the same classes and yehh she was stuck with me >:D Then in year 8 we had most of our classes together and yehh she was stuck with me again *evil laugh* but yes I love my vegetable snow baby XD

Then there's Mish - my lovely daughter K3

Esther Shi is the gay child that's shorter than me ;] I love that little darling to bits K3 She has a very dirty mind for such a young child :OO But yehh i love that dirty mind all the same :DD Oh and one more thing, she's a MAN :DD hehe ;)

Erica - not sure if you're gonna see this but- she is a very tall lanky shang child with huge eyes and naturally light brown hair :) She's a very pretty thing ;)

Denise is that gay child which goes by the username mymostloved on BS :D That pro html-ing nerd and I actually 'met' in year 8 when I was stuck to sit with her in maths D: nah jksjks I had a 'great' time ;DD My unbiological sister and I went through the writing chinese in diary phase; taking and editing photos phase and of course now the html blogskin phase 8DD



August 14, 2010@1:15 PM

Day 01 — Your Best Friend
Day 02 — Your Crush
Day 03 — Your parents
Day 04 — Your sibling (or closest relative)
Day 05 — Your dreams
Day 06 — A stranger
Day 07 — Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
Day 08 — Your favorite internet friend
Day 09 — Someone you wish you could meet
Day 10 — Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to
Day 11 — A Deceased person you wish you could talk to
Day 12 — The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain
Day 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you
Day 14 — Someone you’ve drifted away from
Day 15 — The person you miss the most
Day 16 — Someone that’s not in your state/country
Day 17 — Someone from your childhood
Day 18 — The person that you wish you could be
Day 19 — Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad
Day 20 — The one that broke your heart the hardest
Day 21 — Someone you judged by their first impression
Day 22 — Someone you want to give a second chance to
Day 23 — The last person you kissed
Day 24 — The person that gave you your favorite memory
Day 25 — The person you know that is going through the worst of times
Day 26 — The last person you made a pinky promise to
Day 27 — The friendliest person you knew for only one day
Day 28 — Someone that changed your life
Day 29 — The person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to
Day 30 — Your reflection in the mirror
=="probably gonna stuff it up >_>


@12:42 PM

Hehe i just felt like uploading this group photo of us in the skating rink from the other day emoji I few people are missing from the photo though emoji

But yeshyesh, it was the last lesson of theory for me yesterday before the test because our teacher is going away emoji
I'm gonna epic fail emoji

For others who also live in Australia and have to go theory test, you'd understand how GHEY memorising folk songs are emoji
We were fully just singing it and it got stuck in my head O_O and the songs aren't even that nice o-o

Rice is on today emoji but sadly not going emoji I WANTED TO GO emoji but like then I'd have to change my north shore class time and that would be really annoying emoji

Right now I'm trying to make a new layout for this blog but I still haven't done much emoji can't believe I just passed my html phase already emoji ACK Ima gonna work on it some time tonight...maybe emoji This time it's gonna be a jap style blogskin and I KNOW some of you may find it really messy and annoying but that's jap style to suck it up emoji

Nearly time to eat now so Im gonna go now: been reblogging for a while but now I can't be bothered anymore emoji

August 11, 2010@9:09 PM
It was such an epic day on sunday I can't even sum it up =w= and yes the ghey laptop I'm using doesn't work wif emoticons so I'll have to go a post without them TT_TT

So I woke up too early (7.40 i think) because I was scared I'd be late >_> sad I know...but i left home at about 9.15 to buy another pair of stockings in case my ones die when i go ice-skating later~

So, I walked around chatty after buying my stockings waiting for the birthday girls (2 of them) to call me to tell me they arrived. We met in front of coles and went around to buy stuff >A< there was so much to buy O_O and we ended up being a bit late =.=

Coincidentally, we caught the same train as the others that were coming from the city so we went to Macquarie together :DD

Now...skipping to ice-skating, i failed so badly at first ==" kept on holding on to other people cos i was a noobfish >w< but then I got the hang of it and i could finally skate not long after ^^

It was so tiring :OO but very fun!!!

After skating was off to the park :D we had so much fun kinda there...??

I cbb write about the park cos it's way too long to write about~

But yes CITAYYY^^

was very fun (Y)

We went galaxy world first and then caps ==" was pretty fail though ^^" but yea then market city and then finally PEPPERLUNCH (Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)

it was velly velly nice but i couldn't finish it cos i wasn't feeling that good after the easyway :/

But yea...then the guys were just being children and tearing up the paper and making stuff out of them :L:L

sunday was very epic but it's way to long for me to write about so I will say bye now~

I met a lot of really awesome and cool people (Y) and it was just the highlight of my year really^^

August 7, 2010@8:40 PM
ugh i felt so sick last night emoji i was like dying emoji

But yes I is back with another blog post because I have no life emoji

Tomorrow is a friend's birthday party so we're going ice-skating emoji There's like 30 people going though and I don't know more than half of them emoji but oh well, ice skating's fun emoji

I killed my stockings today emoji I think it got a little caught onto my friend's heels and this little string came out. I thought it was no big deal so I cut the little strand off...but then it started "ladder-ing" and then this huge hole appeared emoji and I thought wearing stockings to ice-skating would probably be no problem.ima reconsider emoji

GAH need to do chinese homework time to do it tomorrow emoji

August 4, 2010@9:14 PM
My whole group was away today :( only kimbo and angela was here emoji

Crys and esther was helping out at regionals and erica and mich was at this music Hansel and Gretel thing emoji But yea spent recess eating most of my lunch and then lunch library monitoring emoji

To be honest library monitoring isn't that bad emoji Today, I helped out sticking due date pocket thingys on contacted books emoji I did the whole lunch while the others came afterward...

They had the mother's committee today and one of the mothers baked a cake emoji so mrs. lee brought it in and gave it to us library monitors emoji It was SO NICE emoji cinnamon and icing emoji om nom nom~

Science was ghey but very bludgey emoji

GAH I started a jap style blogskin but I still haven't finished it =="
need to know how table format work first emoji

But yes, I have 2 test papers to finish for tomorrow so I shall go now emoji

August 3, 2010@9:01 PM
konichiwaemoji Just finished a theory test paper so I thought I'd take a break. a 'little' break emoji

It's tuesday today emoji and that means early day emojibut anyway, so when I got back, I saw my friend like any other Tuesday at the train station. Just today I lost my rubber band for my laptop so I had to go buy some more at Smiggle. So I asked her to come with me. After buying those I had to go buy wool so I went to Top bargain (cheap asian store ftw) and bought a ball of white and a ball of light pink emoji just when I was about to leave seeing they didn't sell big sewing needles for yarn, I saw these super super cute earphones for 3.50 emoji so I gave way to impulse buying and bought it. The sound quality's shit but I still love it all the same emoji

After that, like always she would accompany me until I reach my house since she has nothing else to do emoji but today, since my rents and gran and relos are out, I asked if she wanted to come up while she waited for her mom to come to the library. She said yes and we went up emoji but then something freaky happened. Her mom called her and she said she'd be little late. For some freaky reason, on the first guess, she guessed that she was at my house emoji i mean WOAH she doesn't normally come so it's not expected; so we came up with the conclusion that she probably stalked us and saw her coming into my house or something emoji

But yes, it is now 9.26 (on my computer) and I have decided to improve my sleeping pattern emoji so ima call it a night so good night fellow bloghoppers/stalker/ghey spammer (AKA joyce)