December 25, 2013@6:56 PM
Merry Christmas dears

I've been so busy with last minute packing and last minute stressing about university applications because I'm going overseas until end of January and this is really stupid because everything is confusing and ahhhhhhhh =="

I don't even know if I've given my family enough to help me enrol. I bet I'm missing something ._. Aishh I probably wouldn't have gone if I knew my laugh would be hard this way. Oh well no regrets, this trip with a few people from school is gonna be awesome and memorable^^

Maybe I should write new year resolutions. I've never written one before. Maybe because I know I probably won't get any done; not that this coming year's gonna be any different. PULL YOUR SHIT TOGETHER EVA

Anyway, I guess I'll go make my bed now. hah my room is a mess; the living room's a mess; my bag's a mess. aiyoh