May 27, 2012@8:52 PM
Went to Shi's party yesterday. It was so nice and fun and peaceful at first before everyone started coming lol I actually really enjoyed the small party in the morning :3 Oh well by the time other people came I already had no energy left anyway.

I was sick for nearly the whole week this week D: I haven't been sick in so long :( Sleeping with a blocked nose and a sore throat is the worse feeling ever :( You can't breathe through your nose but your throat hurts when your try to breathe through your mouth D: ふざけんな Dx

Anyway I've spent the whole day play stationing and watching random stuff :L LOL I really suck at gaming ._.
lolkbai watching Arashi's BW concert now <3

May 20, 2012@6:45 PM

I spent my no-lifeing this weekend. Playing LOL and watching Bleach. I hadn't played LOL in so long, I'm so rusty T^T Well....I wasn't good to begin with anyway :'(

I played a normal game with friends yesterday and it was only the the 3 of us so we had 2 strangers on our team..... damn I hate strangers :( Towards the end, I got so confused as to what they wanted me to do and the other team kept ganking us :( I'm still recovering from that lol.....

aishh I need more practise with bot games LOL

Anyway, I've been trying to catch up with Bleach. It's so intense right now O_O Who's evil and who'e good aslkdjfhsalkjfhsldjkafhlsakdfjh WUT'S HAPPENING D: Must steal more episodes from Looon :L

I really should be writing my english thing.....but I'm not in the mood for work :'( and I'm gonna get killed......damn... should really stop procrastinating

how dare you :'( stupid aizen. go to frikken hell D: Gin so precious :'(

LOL don't mind me...I'm watching Bleach right now.....
damn and I really liked Gin....even though he was like the 'bad guy'.....

May 19, 2012@1:51 AM

I should sleep. LOL just had a LOL session after a long period of 'I can't be bothered to get my mouse' or 'I can't be bothered to get my laptop'

haha although we lost 2 of the matches, it was fun :) omg I feed so much ==" I need to play more to level up D: Why am I just so naturally so shit at gaming :( I wish I was more pro.....

Anyway it was strike today^^ I got to sleep in although we still had to go to school. It was so pointless since it felt so short :L

Oh and my jap buddy emailed me ^^ shuuu happy :3 I hope my reply made sense :3

Anyway I've been sitting in the same position and chair for the past 3 hours and my back and eyes hurt.

sleep, now , i shall.

May 13, 2012@4:25 PM

Japanese students came to visit our school on Friday. THEY CAME IN UNIFORM OMAGHAD SHUUU CUUUUTEEE :OOO Yea and when we exchanged goods, she gave me this really cute hello kitty purse and June's issue of 'Zipper' which had Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on the cover >< thank you Narumi-chan~

Anyway, today is Mother's Day and I am going to make Omurice for gran :L It... is probably gonna taste pretty shit but meh it's the thought that counts? yes? yes. ;)


lol the omurice was pretty ugly....BUT it tasted pretty okay :3 so it's all goooooooood :) What did you do for mother's day? (:

Watching the Voice now. Omo Joel is so cute :3 Delta shu pwetty Keith so cute :3
....seal is just ....weird o-o

May 1, 2012@11:08 PM
LOL camp tomorrow. I really should sleep, but I'm waiting for my videos to convert so I can continue to no-life even at camp.

haha. yea story of life.

I didn't go to athletics carnival today since I was thinking of doing my physics assignment =="
But I needed to buy some food for camp so I thought I'll just go out shopping for a little bit but me and gran ended up trying clothes on and then eating at a Jap restaurant. Now this all ended pretty early and I would've had time for work but for some reason, I got really really really sleepy after lunch so I decided to take a nap. And after nap, it was packing time.

Therefore I had 'no time' to do my work..... Saturday at the library it is ==" ugh and I need to pick up my lens on saturday :/ yerhyerhyerh purple lens...nonono I need more money and a job $_____$