September 28, 2011@12:47 PM

I went to the city with my friend yesterday. Originally, we went to help her find a formal dress, but she decided to buy it online/later, so we just walked around city. We had pepper lunch lol. EEEEEELLLLLLLLL :D I can't even describe how much I love eel. okay.

After that, we went to Galaxy World LOLOLOL to waste the rest of the money I had on my card lol ^^" One day, I'm gonna charge 30 bucks (+10 free) on my card and just play that block game until I win the PSP D: I swear I could've won :(

We went to get fat at meetfresh afterwards :3 NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM TOFU FLOWER. lurl cheers for direct translations? :L

But the highlight of the day was when we went to capitols :L I always knew they had those fish machines I played nearly everyday when I went to Hong Kong, in capitols but I never played because I thought it was gonna use $1 coins, but I checked today and they used tokens - $1 for 5 tokens, 1 token is one point. So , I decided to buy 30 tokens with 5 bucks (cos I can, lol nah the more you buy the cheaper it gets in ratio) and we just spent half an hour sitting there playing XDDDD In the end, I stopped playing when I had 118 tokens. Yes, I counted it. I ALSO CRANNED A REALLY CUTE DOMOOO :D I is happy.

I really need to study though...who knows how long it's gonna take me to write my commerce and science notes ==" FUUUUUUUUUU D: science :'(

September 26, 2011@10:02 PM
My grandma's kinda sick today so I had to make my own food ish.....hello instant noodles and spam ham.

IT TOOK ME 20 MINUTES TO PREPARE MY INSTANT NOODLES DINNER OMG WHAT IS THIS D: After making the noodles and putting it into the tonkotsu soup I went to make some spam ham and eggs. But I'm a chicken so when I noticed that the oil was making cracking noises, I was like WTFFFF *moves body as far away as possible* but it tasted pretty good I guess. Though I don't think I actually had to add any oil since everything just tasted oily D:

On another note, I haven't been doing anything productive these holidays yet :/ I was going to write notes for English the other day, but I gave up on Act 1 Scene 3..... fuck I'm gonna fail everything.

I'm going to the city with my friend tomorrow :D Yes, denise I was actually gonna go to city with her on Thursday but being the loving sibling I am I called my friend to ask her if she was free on Tuesday instead. I'm so nice *flicks hair*

Argggh I've been too bored these few days. My life has just been made up of: instagramming, tappi bear, food, rewatching movies, food and sleep. Anyway, imma wake up early so I won't be late. sleep now. that is all.

September 25, 2011@10:31 AM
I got instagram lol. and a whole heap of random apps cos it's the holidays and I'm bored.

Username's hachortle. I know. Everything is. Who else has instagram? :D follow me and I'll follow you back ;)

September 18, 2011@9:02 PM
ANIMANIA WAS EPIC TODAY!!! But there wasn't much to do so we ended up walking around the whole thing a billion times ==" and bean bagging like a third of the time :L Anyway, my feet like kills right now ._. But it was worth it, there were so many pretty cosplays :O The one piece, katekyo hitman reborn and ao no exorcist cosplays were just so good ♥

Afterwards, I was gonna trek to kinokuniya to see if they had the recent TV LIFE which came with a poster of Nino, but when I got up there....I realised it already closed for the day :'( so disappointed and to add to my sadness, I lost the ao no exorcist poster I bought :'( THE ONLY ONE I BOUGHT D': Oh well, I'll just have to wait till next year :/

School tomorrow. devs.

September 15, 2011@10:05 PM

This is the first time I’ll be celebrating their anniversary, but although I’ve only been in this fandom for a little under a year, it feels like I’ve known them and been their fans for years. I guess that’s the effect Arashi has on people. You feel like you’re actually friends with them, like you’ve known them for years. The feeling I get when they bring up an inside joke, and although it’s just a video they’re miles away on the other hemisphere, I feel like I’m not just laughing at the joke they’re making, but laughing with them. Or when they cried on 24hr terebi and the tears just flowed uncontrollably because I know that they’re not just putting on an act and understand that between the 5 of them, there is a really tight and beautiful friendship, which has captured many fan’s hearts. This feeling is precious ♥

To the fish-loving leader, Oh-chan. Thank you for being the ‘unidol-like’ Johnnys you are. Although it may be true that intelligence wise, Sho-chan would be more ‘Leader-like’ but in my opinion, you are the perfect leader. I still remember that when I first started to become a little interested in Arashi, Oh-chan was definitely not that high on my favourites (not just Arashi) list, but now, you, along with Arashi are definitely in the top 5. Thank you for making the choice of continuing being an idol, because you are an amazing singer, dancer and the perfect Naruse Ryo and Kaibutsu-kun ♥

To the Newscaster, Sho-chan. Thank you for being a serious newscaster by day and idiotic but adorable hamster by night. I remember the first time I saw you was in the Love so sweet PV, and the first thing I thought was “That guy’s hair is so looongg” but then when I rewatched it again, I just couldn’t stop thinking how pretty your eyes were. Although you may not like your sloping shoulders, I think they’re beautiful ♥

To the Baka Tensai Aiba-chan. Thank you for being the energetic, animal loving man you are. Your smile is so bright and from the heart, that a smile on my face just help but form as well. At first when I watched the Love so sweet PV, for some reason, you really were my least favourite member from Arashi. But after watching alot of variety shows, which got me into the fandom, my ichiban immediately became you. Although you are almost always smiling, when you do cry, I can’t help but cry with you. Like during the 2004 24hr terebi when you read out your letter, as soon as you started talking about the times when your lung collapsed, tears just streamed down uncontrollably. When you cried in My Girl, my heart just broke. I love how you really do love what you’re doing, no matter if it’s variety shows, concerts, or just being with the other members, but don’t work yourself too hard and look after your health ♥

To the forever 17 Oshaberi Kazunari. Thank you for being such an amazing singer, songwriter and actor. Your solos never fail to be one of my favourite songs. Although you can be such a brat sometimes, there are times when you really show that you do really love Arashi and being a group with the other 4 members and this friendship is one of the main reasons why I love Arashi so much. Your acting was amazing and I truly think they should’ve given you an Oscar for letters from Iwo Jima. Your magic tricks never fail to amaze me and I would still continue supporting you (and the rest of Arashi) even if you do have a girlfriend ♥

To the beautiful Diva, J. Thank you for being an idol overall! If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would ever have started liking J-dramas and therefore started liking J-pop and falling into the Arashi fandom. I was and wasn’t Jun-baited in the sense that watching Gokusen and loving the Sawada Shin character Matsujun created really got me into everything Japan related, but even after watching Hana Yori Dango, I wasn’t an Arashian then, just a fan of Matsujun. And again, thank you for acting in Gokusen and put me in this obsession ♥

And finally, thank you Arashi, for being the dorky, adorable, hot, down to earth, amazing, cheerful, bright, retarded, and crazy 5 ikemens which, like a certain tumblerer (I forgot who) once said, “looks like a rainbow had just puked on them”. I have no idea what I would be like if I hadn’t met you, so please continue being the dorks you are and we, Arashians will be cheering you on ♥



September 14, 2011@9:22 PM
(via machujun@tumblr)

I CAN'T WAIT FOR OCTOBER!!!! It's gonna be new drama season and Sho-chan's drama's gonna start^^ Isn't he just adorable :3

I don't really have anything to say....hmmm I'm actually doing my ict right now ._. Haven't dont homework in such a long time :/

Oh yes I met a friend from primary school for the first time since year 6. She takes my train now LOL

AND Animania on sunday! yerh yerh yerh It's gonna be fun :3 This is gonna be my first time going to an anime convention in Sydney :D I'm still deciding if I should wake up earlier and trek to kinokuniya before going to animania or trekking afterwards :/ If I go before, I'd have to wake up really early ;_; but if I go afterwards, I don't know if it'll close before I get there :/
BUT OMG THE MAGAZINE SCANS I'VE BEEN SEEING ON LJ ARE MAKING ME DESPERATE TO GO D: and 2 out of the 3 I saw today have posters *-*

Anyway, that is all. I think.

*edit: I just noticed that Kinokuniya opens at 10 TTATT so I have to go after :'(

September 8, 2011@9:34 PM
Thank you teachers. I like strikes =w=

But we have the wide reading test today and no, I have not finished my book. I'm not even near finished. I'm like up to page 61 of 400 something pages. LOL. dun dun dun I'm screwed.

We were going to go out for Thai food tonight, but there were so many people that we went to the japanese restaurant near it instead. Oh well. Either way was fine. I'm full now.

Their voices are so pretty! And I do not like the new blogger D: Yes it's pretty, but it's annoying D: imo anyway, just saying...

My dad was being a total dickhead today D: He keeps saying, "You're so fat!" over and over again. I know I'm fat but like he says it like I'm obese or something. like WOMAN I HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME. WHY DON'T YOU GET A LIFE INSTEAD OF INSULTING PEOPLE.


I finally finished last week's episode of HnA with sakuraiba~ IT WAS SO CUTE :3 When they sat there looking at the sunrise listening to 5x10, which was the 10 year anniversary song they sang to thank their fans and each other. The thing I love the most about Arashi is their friendship and how it's not just something they put on just for the cameras. They know each other so well :')

The last part where they were getting out of the pit Aiba dug out to prank Sho-chan was cute. They're so crazy and cute. I'm loving Arashi more and more ♥

September 2, 2011@6:58 PM

(via myartmylife@tumblr)

I had my grade 8 piano exam today. I was so nervous yesterday ==" but yeah I got B+ :D I'm actually quite happy with this mark although I could've gotten A if I studied my general knowledge properly. I LITERALLY bullshitted my way through. The comments in the General Knowledge section said "Weak section. More knowledge is needed." LOLOLOL I didn't know any of the answers TTATT Oh well SO GLAD IT'S OVERRRRR

I want to skin something :/ but I'm a lazy shit.