December 28, 2013@2:01 PM
2 days ago we embarked on a journey (sorry) to Europe trip and it is 4.30am in Athens, Greece right now. I slept at 9 since I was so tired and jet lagged so I have no idea what to do now since I'm already awake but I don't think Takhobelle is. Maybe I'll just stay under the covers and read some manga lol

The plane trip was so tiring == We flew from Sydney to Singapore, Singapore to Zurich and finally Zurich to Athens. I couldn't really get much sleep during the 13 hour Singapore to Zurich flight because I felt sick like I was gonna throw up so I only managed to 'sleep' for about 6 hours. But what really surprised me was they had Nazotoki wa dinner no ato de on the flight entertainment system for SWISS AIR. I couldn't sleep so I finished watching Cry playing to the moon and cried a litre. Then I watched Nazodin ahhhhh Sho chan is just so cute ;w;

But the lack of sleep and constantly rubbing my eyes because of lack of sleep made my eyes really red. I was so sleep deprived I felt like I was still swaying on the plane :L A bed has never felt so damn comfortable before. I think I fell asleep within a few minutes because I don't even remember my room buddy turning her light off. 

HAHAHHAA and I found a photo of me sleeping on my phone so either a ghost snuck in during the night and took a photo of me or takho did.  I'm sure it was the latter :')

So today, we'll be going sightseeing of course and I hope my camera doesn't run out of battery because I didn't charge it after yesterday. yea... maybe I should go charge it now. 

December 25, 2013@6:56 PM
Merry Christmas dears

I've been so busy with last minute packing and last minute stressing about university applications because I'm going overseas until end of January and this is really stupid because everything is confusing and ahhhhhhhh =="

I don't even know if I've given my family enough to help me enrol. I bet I'm missing something ._. Aishh I probably wouldn't have gone if I knew my laugh would be hard this way. Oh well no regrets, this trip with a few people from school is gonna be awesome and memorable^^

Maybe I should write new year resolutions. I've never written one before. Maybe because I know I probably won't get any done; not that this coming year's gonna be any different. PULL YOUR SHIT TOGETHER EVA

Anyway, I guess I'll go make my bed now. hah my room is a mess; the living room's a mess; my bag's a mess. aiyoh

December 15, 2013@12:15 AM

Today was The Japanese Matsuri Festival in Sydney and I had a chance to wear my yukata^^ Thankfully the weather wasn't too hot (and when I say too hot I mean so hot I can cook an egg on the ground) and there was still a breeze so it wasn't too suffering wearing a yukata. The annoying thing was keeping the yukata together since it didn't really want to cooperate, especially against the wind. 

Overall, I didn't really do much today except for sitting outside Chinese gardens for pretty much the whole day. A few of us kept saying we wanted to go to karaoke but didn't end up going because no one moved. But we should've just went because we just ended up spending the next few hours sitting around doing pretty much nothing. 

Then we finally decided to go to have dinner at a pho place :3 I want to try the tomato rice with crispy chicken next time but every time I go to a pho place I always end up ordering pho :L

Then we went for desserts MYY PARFAIIITTTT :3 I felt so tired already though so I just went home after I finished my parfait :L Part of the reason why I didn't stay a little longer was also because I suddenly felt so antisocial and wanted to go home and snuggle with my dolls and watch anime lol /slapped

So I did just that :3 Got home, took a shower and snuggled up with my cute alpaca (unko-chan) and watching D. Gray-man. Allen is just so cute :3

I'm actually so tired. But moving to my bed takes effort and I ceebs. aishh. I should just download Hunter x Hunter episodes and just sleep outside in the living room while watching it. 

December 11, 2013@7:00 PM

So I went out for Korean BBQ last night and also to pick up my yukata from my friend. BRING ON THE MATSURI ┏| ̄^ ̄* |┛

I had time to kill after picking up my yukata and buying my kk present so I met up with some friends and bummed around at Tom n Toms. The weather was so hot yesterday so thank the Lord for air con. We actually stayed there for around 3 hours so I reckon the staff probably wanted us gone :L Then when everyone arrived we headed to the bbq place~

How I love the words 'all-you-can-eat' but man.... I really shouldn't have just eaten nothing but meat because I felt so sick afterwards :') I literally didn't eat anything else at all since there was a rule saying you'll have to pay if you have leftovers and because we just kept taking more and more meat of course we have to finish it. So by the time we finished the 3~4 rounds of meat we took, I was so full I couldn't eat anything else. Plus, we were idiots and used both our plates to take meat so our plates were dirty. But buffets are nice indeed //pig

To work off some of the phat (well at least make ourselves feel less guilty about it) we went for a walk in Darling Harbour and of course there aren't that many kids this late at night so we went crazy on the play equipment and the water things. omg we actually got so sweaty from playing on everything XD Hopefully the parents who were there weren't judging us. hah

We all went home after that but stupid Shittyrail made me change to Shittyrail buses even though there's not planned trackwork like wtf D;

I'm watching D. Gray-man now because I've never finished it or even managed to go past episode 30 lol Anime takes so much effort jfc There are actually so many series I want to start watching but they're either all way to long or I've seen too many spoilers on tumblr that I just can't be bothered :/ Not sure if I want to start Kyoukai no Kanata or not since the first episode didn't really catch my attention. I guess I'll watch HunterxHunter after I'm done with D. Gray-man since I loved the manga. Rereading the manga now before I start the anime huehuehue HISOKA YOU PERFECT CREEP <3 p="">

December 4, 2013@8:48 PM

So I didn't end up going to karaoke today because my stomach decided to be a massive bitch and start a war with my throat. I don't even know what I ate to make it do that. Well I went out for afternoon tea yesterday with a friend since she happened to be around my suburb at that time and she hadn't eaten lunch yet so might as well just bum a bit. We ate 'baby chicken' (吊烧春鸡) haha it was pretty hilarious because I was just about to explain to her that it wasn't really 'baby chicken' and that they just worded it badly. But then spring chicken is basically 'baby chicken' so not really much I could say about it.

So yeah, I was pretty bloated after finishing dinner and I should've known better than to stay up late. I had massive heartburns around 1 and I was just gonna sleep it off but of course, that's not how life works. I thought maybe I would feel better after I throw up. hah nope.

Threw up twice


So, I'm staying home today and eating congee. Even if I did feel better I don't think I would've survived 5 hour k with a dead throat. I guess that means I'll organise another one next week. Oh well I guess it's good too since it'll be before our group dinner and I can go buy my kk present then.

Speaking of presents, I still haven't bought my tutor a present and visited her yet. I feel so bad :/ It's not like I don't want to visit her; I do I really do but I want to get her a present too because she's just been the best teacher and friend I could ever ask for. So I didn't want to visit her empty handed. So I'm still deciding what to get her :/

I came home today to two cute little lorikeets ahhhh I fed then some bread haha but they left the bread crumbs on the floor lol ungrateful betches. It was so cute when one of them came back a while after :3 But when mum tried to take a picture and walked outside, it got scared and flew away :')

@12:13 AM
yes. I'm done. jfc

I decided to (attempt to) revive my blog but because I abandoned it for so long I had to change and fix stuff. Plus, I'm an idiot and accidently deleted images so I had redo some things. Although I just half-assed fixed it, it's done. I don't care anymore shhh

I deleted the depressing rant hah. But wow the last time I blogged before that was October 2012 o-o such long much abandoned wow~ So much shit has happened since then that I can't even be bothered to blog about everything. It would take up way too much space anyway. It pretty much went along the lines of: year 12; school; cosplay; exams; cosplay; karaoke; exams; lazing around; exams; cosplay; exams; exams; exams. And graduation. 

Hah I actually still don't feel like I've graduated yet tbh. I still feel like I'm a high school student that's on her holiday and I will be back to school soon. Maybe this is what doing nothing does to you. I feel so unproductive that I'm actually finding ways to make myself think that I'm doing something productive - like sewing. But then, my short attention span doesn't let me continue sewing for more than 3 days straight. So I'm back to square one.

I've been going karaoke and movies alot lately. (As if I don't go to karaoke alot already haha) 2 weeks ago - or at least I think it was 2 weeks ago I can't tell time when I don't have school - I watched Thor 2 with the Japanese Extension buddies. I have not fangirled this much in the cinemas before LOL We sat at the very back and I was sitting next to Perapera. So that meant we were spazzing like crazy. Plus, the cinema was pretty empty so we didn't really have to hold back. I can't help it. Tom Hiddleston is too dreamy.

Then, a few days later, I went to watch Insidious 2 with some friends. I think that was the first time I've ever watched a horror movie in the cinemas. I actually found that less scary than watching it at home on a laptop, maybe since I'm not watching it alone and senpai next to me was scared it was so cute and funny (I'm sorry). 

Going to 6 hour k session tomorrow with the homodachis. Well, technically 5 hours since I want food first. Gonna go to bed and read more yaoi luls お疲れ山です